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Make Back-to-School Cleaning Less Stressful With an All-in-One Vacuum

Back-to-school season is stressful, so make cleaning more effective with the Roborock Dyad Vacuum. This one-of-a-kind wet/dry vacuum is a boon to any home with kids and can clean up any mess in moments.
Vacuuming bedroom
Updated: December 15, 2022

Editor’s Note: This article contains sponsored content. 

If you have kids, you have messes. The two go together like peanut butter and jelly. And if you have kids, you probably have remnants of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches places you never thought sandwiches could go. 

Like most parents, cleaning is not among my favorite activities; it is, however, an unfortunate necessity. Just this morning, I scraped dry cereal off a kitchen chair I hadn’t noticed yesterday. 

Attempting to fit cleaning into our already busy days is often a challenge, and with the return of school, moms and dads have even less time to devote to vacuuming and washing spills off floors.  

We know your time is valuable, so make cleaning more effective with the Roborock Dyad Vacuum. This one-of-a-kind wet/dry vacuum is a boon to any home with kids and can clean up any mess in moments. 

Don't miss back-to-school deals! You can save up to $510 on a Roborock vacuum for Roborock’s 8th Anniversary Sale! 

Quick and Easy Back-to-School Breakfasts 

toddler eating breakfast

If your home is like mine, the morning routine doesn’t always go smoothly. You have one kid you’re still trying to get out of bed, a call from your boss comes in, and your other kid is feeding the dog pieces of pancake from the table. 

In a rush to get everyone ready and out the door, messy breakfasts are a common occurrence causing you to multitask as cruise director and clean-up coordinator. Teaching your kids to clean up their own spills and messes is a crucial skill, but sometimes time is against us. 

So when the lesson on how to clean up a spilled glass of OJ has to wait, a tool like the Roborock Dyad vacuum is a lifesaver. This sleek vacuum moves effortlessly across the floor, cleaning up wet messes, and maneuvers seamlessly around table and chair legs. Once done, pop the vacuum back on its station, and it self-cleans so you can head out the door to start your day. 

Pet Surprises and Smells That Won’t Linger 

Roborock vacuum in living room

Like kids, pets come with messes, which often occur at the most inopportune times. Everything from dirty paws to accidents on the floor can be quickly swept away by the Robrock Dyad vacuum. 

Its powerful suction pulls up dirty messes and liquid from the floor, leaving your floors clean and dry. For an added cleaning boost, use Unilever’s Omo Roborock floor cleaner designed especially for Roborock. Scented with refreshing tea tree oil and other natural plant essences, your home will smell fresh and clean all day. 

Mess-Free After-School Meals

Wouldn’t we all love mess-free meals? While it's not possible to make mealtime entirely mess-free, there are some steps you can take to mitigate big messes. First, teach your child to cook and clean as they go. This prevents a pile of dishes and utensils all over the counter and in the sink.

Use a “slop” bowl on the counter when cooking to toss things like veggie ends, eggshells, plastic tabs you remove from packaging, etc. Then once you’re done, you can either compost, depending on what is in it, or toss the contents in the trash in one swift go!

Kitchens and dining rooms are busy places, and it can be hard to ensure you’ve cleaned up every sill and mess thoroughly. The Roborock has advanced innovative technology which tells you how dirty your floors are and turns up the suction and water where it is most needed. 

Taming the Tween Tornado Explosion

teens hanging out in messy room

Tweens and teens are just as messy as your little ones but in different ways. Teenagers can be like a hurricane coming through your home, from make-up explosions to shower water all over the bathroom floor to snacks left moldering on the basement coffee table.

Of course, teaching your tween and teen to clean up after themselves is essential. If nothing else, it prevents bugs and smells from creeping into their space! But, more importantly, teaching them to respect shared spaces like the bathroom and family room helps them develop an awareness of others, empathy, and shared responsibility. 

The Roborock Dyad is easy to use, so teaching your teenager to vacuum their room or the family room is a cinch. Plus, with its powerful suction, it can even clean up puddles left on the bathroom floor with its unique drying mode. 

Worry-Free Sleepover Hosts and After-School Hangouts 

Along with tweens and teens come hang-outs and potentially sleepovers. If one teenager is a mess, imagine what three or four can do to a house! The Roborock Dyad has a 35-minute battery life and can clean 3,500 square feet with one charge. In addition, it quickly recharges in only 4 hours. With this handy device, your teenager can clean the house both before their party and after their friends leave.

From toddlers tossing their cereal bowl onto the kitchen floor to a teenager who leaves a trail of potato chips between the kitchen and their room, the Dyad Roborock has you covered. Cleaning is a tireless and thankless task, but you don’t have to become worn out and tired doing it. 

The Roborock is lightweight, easy to maneuver, and simple to use, ensuring you (and your kids) can complete your chores and cleaning quickly and stress-free and move on to the more exciting parts of your day!

Back-to-school sales aren’t just for the kids! Anyone can save up to $510 on a Roborock vacuum for Roborock’s 8th Anniversary Sale! 

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