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The 8 Backpack Essentials Every Kid Needs This School Year

Get your children set up for success with these eight backpack essential items, all which can be purchased through Amazon.
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Updated: March 2, 2021

There is a buzz in the air as the anticipation of a new school year draws closer. A clean slate and the promise of new beginnings mingling with the excitement of gathering with friends and sharing stories of the summer. A great way to foster this excitement and get your children set up for success are with these 8 backpack essentials.

Backpack Essentials

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Whether it’s post gym class or just throughout a long day, having a reusable water bottle will encourage your child to stay hydrated. Water has many benefits, two major ones being increased brain activity and energy, both important aspects for a successful school day.

Wondering whether to buy school lunch or bring your own from home? A good lunchbox might help make that decision easier, and it works great even if you are just packing snacks to keep your child’s energy up throughout the day. Insulated bags work well for keeping lunches hot or cold, and have the added benefit of preventing anything from spilling in a backpack.

A designated spot to store pencils, pens, markers, highlighters, etc. will help your child from needing to dig around the bottom of their bag looking for a writing utensil. Coming to class prepared means they will be ready to focus and work hard.

Electronics play a large roll in many classrooms these days. Whether the use of computers, iPads or tablets, chances are your child will come into contact with electronic work. Having their own pair of headphones means they don’t have to worry about borrowing or sharing with their peers.

A spare charger stored in a backpack will give you and your child peace of mind.  You won’t have to worry about them being disconnected and unable to contact you if they notice their device is running low on battery before soccer practice. If they don’t need it chances are a friend might, and you’ll be glad a spare was available.

Essential for any school day, keeping an available notebook in your child’s backpack will come in handy. Somewhere to jot down notes or grab spare paper will surely be necessary during the school day.

The number of germs your child will come into contact with throughout their day is astonishing.  Running to the restroom to wash hands is not always an option, including before lunch! Having a small bottle of hand sanitizer available will encourage your child to blast those germs and ward off the inevitable illness that will make its way around school.

  • Emergency $

Having a few spare dollars available in case of emergency is a smart idea. Depending on the age of your child this may range from money for a forgotten lunch to gas money for when your teen realized they forgot to fill their tank. While children shouldn’t be in the habit of carrying around large amounts of money, keeping a small emergency stash can be helpful.

A few new items and a well-stocked backpack will help your children start their school year off on the right foot. As you gear up for the much anticipated first day, here are additional tips to make Every School Year Successful.

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