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College Rooms

Here are some helpful tips for making your dorm room more friendly.

College Rooms

I Have to Live Here?!

Most college rooms are small, have cinder block walls, and look like jail cells – not exactly what you saw in the brochure, right? You might be one of those people who could care less about the way your room looks. If you're not, then use your creativity to spruce it up and make it more like something you can call your home.

  • Use halogen lamps instead of overhead fluorescent lighting.
  • Buy a few plants and put them somewhere where they can get light.
  • Cover at least some of the cold linoleum floor with a colorful rug.
  • Put up posters and pictures that you like, remembering to leave some wall space for your roommate.
  • Organize your stuff in stackable bins or milk crates so that it's not thrown all over the room.
Put a little creative effort into making your room look and feel like a comfortable place. It will pay off that one horrible day when you flunk a pop quiz, spill soda on your new jeans, and run to your room for escape. Escapes should feel good.

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