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Many parents are taken by surprise when they "suddenly" have a child in college. These resources can help you and your teen make this important transition smoothly and survive the college years successfully.

Afraid to Go to College

It is normal to experience anxiety over going to college. read more

Applying to College

Applying to College Help your teen whip those college applications into shape. Get tips on writing a great essay, interviewing at colleges, asking for recommendations, and much more. Find out how to avoid seven deadly application mistakes.These tips will help your kids write a winning college essay. read more

Applying to College Early Decision

To determine if your child has a strong chance for acceptance under the early-decision process, carefully study the profiles of students who are accepted. read more

Brother Leaving for College

Our expert advises a mother on how to help her four younger children deal with their oldest brother going off to college. read more

Can Prep School Provide Academic Motivation?

Before sending an unmotivated student off to an expensive private school, consider some alternatives. read more

Can't Get into College

It's difficult to deal with college rejections, especially when you see kids all around you jumping for joy after being accepted. read more

Choose the Right College: Get to Know Yourself

Choose the Right College: Get to Know YourselfThere are so many colleges out there that the prospect of finding the one that's your perfect match can seem overwhelming. You may already know something about certain schools through things you've heard from friends, family, and reading college brochures, but how are you supposed to know which ones might be worth investigating and which one will ultimately be a good choice for you? Think about it this way: You're trying to match two elements--yourself and a college. read more

Choose the Right College: Getting Organized

Choose the Right College: Getting OrganizedWhether you can't wait to start applying to college or are overwhelmed by the prospect of doing it, getting organized before you start is essential. If you know what you have to do and when, and if you have a system for organizing the hundreds of pieces of information that will be thrown at you, you'll be in control of this often unruly animal called the college application process. read more

Choosing a Degree Program in Counseling

When you have a choice of degree programs in your desired field, how should you decide which one to take? Here's some helpful advice. read more

Choosing Between Two Schools

When a student is torn between two similar schools, follow these tips to help her decide which one is better for her. read more

College Admission Advice for a New U.S. Resident

A foreign-born student with medical school ambitions gets advice on U.S. college admissions. read more

College Admission and Extracurricular Activities

College admissions decision-makers believe that an applicant's extracurricular activities give them insight into you as an individual. read more

College Advice: Make Friends with Five Key People

College Advice: Make Friends with Five Key People"Try not to confuse independence with isolation. Successfully independent individuals make choices based on information gained from consulting with others in their community. There are so many faculty and staff in the college whose job it is to help freshmen make the most of college – don't neglect them." – Dean of Freshmen, University of Rochester read more

College and LD Services

Do colleges provide any assistance to students with LD? read more

College Application Schedule

College Application Schedule9th Grade Meet with your guidance counselor. Get copies of the courses offered, the requirements for graduation, and an explanation of the grading system. Draft a four-year schedule of classes that meet the minimum requirements for college admission. Find out about the extracurricular activities you'd like to become involved in. Build a flexible schedule that will accomodate time for studying, extracurricular activities, working out, and relaxing. read more

College Essay Tips

College Essay TipsAdmissions officers look for personal information that sets a candidate apart; the essay is the place for applicants to let their personalities show. By late fall senior year, students should be thinking about what they want to say and writing first drafts. read more

College Fears: How to Help Your Teen

College Fears: How to Help Your Teen Applying to college can set off a lot of emotional alarms for your teen. The reality of growing up and probably going away to school is daunting to some; others worry about measuring up. Here are some specific concerns kids air over and over: read more

College for Adults

Our expert advises a 38-year-old who wants to go to college, but had a bad high-school experience. read more

College Life Quiz

Do you know the difference between the Big Ten and the Freshman Fifteen? read more

College Location Pros and Cons

College Location Pros and Cons read more

College Planning for Gifted Kids

College Planning for Gifted KidsDeciding on college starts with your own self-discovery. Once you can begin to answer questions about yourself -- your values, strengths, interests, and needs -- you're on the right road to matching who you are and what you want with what a college offers. Start with your grade, below.Seventh Grade read more

College Planning for Kids with ADD

Find tips for helping a teen with ADD plan for college. read more

College Questionnaire

Use this questionnaire when you and your teenager are searching for the right college. read more

College Recommendations

College RecommendationsBrought to you by the American School Counselor Association Most selective colleges ask their applicants to submit two recommendations from teachers. These can have an important bearing on your chances -? particularly if they are negative. Here are some guidelines that should help you secure better recommendations: read more

College Roomates

College RoomatesTake a Chance on Me Whatever your roommate situation might be, here are a few initial rules of engagement to keep in mind: read more

College Rooms

College RoomsI Have to Live Here?! Most college rooms are small, have cinder block walls, and look like jail cells – not exactly what you saw in the brochure, right? You might be one of those people who could care less about the way your room looks. If you're not, then use your creativity to spruce it up and make it more like something you can call your home. read more

College Scholarships for Homeschoolers

Do you have information on scholarships for students who are homeschooled? read more

College Search: Researching Schools

College Search: Researching SchoolsThere are tons of resources you can use to find out more about colleges. Like any good researcher, you don't want to rely too heavily on any one source of information or you'll end up with a biased view. Make your search as broad as possible without overwhelming yourself. Also, as you begin your search, try to keep an open mind and free yourself from any prejudices or preconceived notions you may have about particular schools. read more

College Student in Love with Professor

No college instructor should ever engage a student in this blatant sexual and manipulative manner. read more

College Visit Checklist

College Visit ChecklistBrought to you by the American School Counselor Association When you leave for campus, be sure to take along these dozen revealing questions to ask your student tour guide. read more