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Dawdling Dresser

Dawdling DresserTime 10 to 15 minutes Materials Clothes Directions Dressing can be one of the most challenging areas for young children when it comes to self-control. Try telling the dawdler to pick a color and give directions accordingly. For example, say, "You can put on anything that goes on the legs and feet and I will do the rest." Extensions read more

Necktie Quiz

The necktie is over 2,000 years old. What else do you know about the popular fashion accessory? read more

Spring & Summer Fashion Trends for Kids

Spring has arrived! It's time to pack up the kids' winter clothes and jump into the new season with an updated wardrobe. We've lined up the latest children's and teens' clothing styles for you – from shoes and accessories to layering classics for both boys and girls. read more

Trends and Fads Quiz

What do you know about recent trends and fads? read more