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Back-To-School Anxiety

7 Important Back-to-School Safety Tips

As a parent, sending your child to school, off into a world without you, can be an anxious time. Give yourself some peace of mind by following these safety tips to make sure she stays safe on the way to school, in the classroom, and while on the playground. Have a great year! read more

Adjusting to a New School Year

Some children need time to adjust to a new school year. read more

Back to School Tips to help Prep for Preschool

I'm feeling pretty nostalgic that my baby is going to preschool come September. My son and I have spent that past 3 years together, so going to school will be a big change for him. I'm excited for him to socialize with other toddlers, and I'm equally giddy about having a few hours to myself! read more

Back to School: 10 Tips for a Smooth Start

Back to school is a major milestone in your child's life, so it's normal for him to have some first day jitters. These tips can help calm your child's nerves, and make the transition from home to school a little easier, leaving him with a feeling of excitement instead of anxiety. read more

Back-to-School Discipline Problem

Can a discipline problem be chalked up to early school jitters? read more

Coping with Back-to-School Anxiety for High-Schoolers

Coping with Back-to-School Anxiety for High-Schoolers Am I good enough to make the team this year? Am I smart enough to take AP Biology? Those seniors seem so much older than me! Each year of high school brings new concerns for your teen. Follow our suggestions on how to help ease those worries. Where Do I Fit In? Your teen is most worried about belonging -- finding a group of like-minded peers who will accept him and call him their friend. These safe havens come in many forms: sports teams, clubs, extracurricular activities, and friendship circles. read more

Getting Acquainted with Your New School

Getting Acquainted with Your New School Starting at a new school can be intimidating for children and may cause intense anxiety and nervousness at summer's end. Ease the transition with these back-to-school techniques. They will help you and your child start off the new school year smoothly. read more

Starting Kindergarten: How to Prepare Your Child

Starting Kindergarten: How to Prepare Your Child by Maya Cohen read more

Under Pressure! 7 Tips for Managing School-Related Anxiety

Many kids are feeling intense pressure to excel, thanks in part to changes in homework and testing, a focus on college admissions from an earlier age, plus new forms of social pressure. Feeling a bit of stress can keep kids focused and motivated academically. But feeling constant anxiety can hinder your child's long-term mental health. Here's how to manage it. read more