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Fertility Issues

Read about fertility issues, secondary infertility, and what you can do to try to overcome these obstacles.
Fertility Issues

Fertility Issues

With a successful conception and pregnancy behind you, the thought of fertility issues may not have entered your mind. Your body obviously figured out what it was doing before. You got pregnant. You gave birth to your baby. That should be the end of it, no?


Sometimes patients find that the second time around isn't as bad as the first, because they do not feel as desperate to have a child. This is not true for everyone. Be sure to tune in to how you are feeling and use the mental-health services associated with your fertility clinic.

Will I Suffer Again?

If you had problems conceiving your first baby, you probably wonder if you will experience similar difficulties. The answer is maybe. It all depends on the diagnosis you have for infertility. Some conditions seem to go away miraculously once a pregnancy is achieved, while other conditions may have to be dealt with for every conception.

If you do require medical intervention to get pregnant, your reproductive endocrinologist or other specialist will be more than happy to help you achieve a second pregnancy. The more aggressive the therapy that you required the first time, the more likely you are to require therapy this time, though not always. Obviously, this can have a negative impact on finances and on your mental and emotional health.

E Alert

If you are over thirty-five, your doctor or midwife may advise you to seek help for fertility issues after six months of trying to get pregnant with no luck. This is because of the natural decline in fertility as you age.

Secondary Infertility

The rates of secondary infertility are hard to define because many women do not seek help for secondary infertility. After a year of failing to conceive in spite of well-timed intercourse and no birth control, you should seek help from your doctor or midwife. Depending on your age, they may begin testing right away or advise other, less invasive measures first.

Suffering from infertility after previously having a child can leave you feeling stuck between two worlds. You don't really belong with the primary infertility sufferers because you have a child, and yet you are not really a part of the fertile world. This can be very painful emotionally. Finding a practitioner who will really listen and get to the bottom of your fertility situation is your best bet.

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