• Relaxation for Working Moms-to-Be
    Pregnant At Work
    Five Quick and Effective Relaxation Techniques for Working Moms-to-Be
    The relaxation techniques that you learn now will serve you all your life. Try each method a few times to find out which works best for you. Then practice relaxation for 10 minutes, twice a day. Most people find that it takes a couple of weeks to...
  • Dealing with Pregnancy Ailments at Work
    Pregnant At Work
    Coping with Common Discomforts During Pregnancy
    Coping with Common Discomforts During Pregnancy The following are the most common pregnancy concerns and the strategies to deal with them while you are on the job: Backache Backaches are common during pregnancy because of the increased weight y...
  • Best Approaches to Tell Your Workplace You
    Announcing Your Pregnancy
    Announcing Your Pregnancy at Work
    Announcing Your Pregnancy at Work Good relations between employer and employee and among coworkers are significant factors in any job. You can't get your work done as promptly and efficiently with a cloud of resentment and anger hanging over you...
  • Pregnancy Plan Checklist
    Adjusting to Pregnant Life
    You're Pregnant: Making Plans
    You're Pregnant: Making PlansOK, so you're pregnant. Where do you go from here? Sit down – take a deep breath – and "veg" for a bit. Squelch the urge to panic. Give into the excitement and joy. Scream if you need to. But above all, give yourse...
  • Announcing your Pregnancy
    Announcing Your Pregnancy
    Telling the World About Your Pregnancy
    Telling the World About Your PregnancyThe best advice I ever received was to keep quiet about the pregnancy for as long as I was able (a difficult thing for me since I like to share with everyone). The reason is simple: miscarriages are fairly co...