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10 Maternity Overalls That You’ll Love 

Show off your baby bump with these comfortable, stylish maternity overalls!
10 Maternity Overalls That You’ll Love 
Updated: February 22, 2023

If you’re pregnant, you’ll know that comfort is a priority. When your body is changing, it’s important to have clothes that can go along for the ride and fit your growing belly. But that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice dressing trendy. 

Maternity overalls are a great choice for your wardrobe because they lack crotch zippers– public enemy number one of pregnant women everywhere! 

We know you have a lot on your plate as an expecting mother. And searching for the perfect pair of overalls will take time that you could use for something else, like choosing the perfect baby name. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best maternity overalls that you’ll love. 

Plus, we have some tips on what to look for when buying maternity overalls! 

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What to Look For When Buying Maternity Overalls

What to Look for When Buying Maternity Overalls 

When you’re looking for some super cute overalls to get you through these nine months, you shouldn’t settle for the first pair you see on the rack. You'll want to do your homework so that you can be as comfy as possible while rockin’ a great look. 

Here are some things to consider when you shop for overalls and other maternity clothes… 


Not all fabric is created equal. You’ll want to look for materials that give you some room to grow and breathe, like cotton or spandex. While stiff denim might look tempting, it won’t be comfortable. 

You want to choose a material that will go the extra mile and get you to the finish line. 


Read reviews to see how the overalls run in size. If they run big, you may want to size down. If they run small, you may want to size up. 

Some women automatically buy a size up when shopping for maternity clothes. But maternity wear is made to mimic your actual size, so if you’re a size 10 when you’re not pregnant, look for a size 10 in maternity clothes too. 


Roomier cuts and relaxed fits will be your BFFs here. Don’t choose anything too tight or restrictive. After about 5 minutes, you’ll want to take them off. 


Many people love overalls because they’re adjustable. This is great for your growing baby bump. You can fix the straps so that you don’t feel uncomfortable as your belly grows. 

Typically, denim overalls have adjustable straps that can accommodate a growing belly. You’ll notice that cotton and linen overalls tend to have more tie closures, but the material is very breathable. 

Now that you know what to look for as you shop, check out our top 10 picks for maternity overalls that we know you’ll love! 

Maternity Overalls You'll Love 

Maternity Overalls You’ll Love 

1. Motherhood Maternity Indigo Blue Side Panel Letdown Hem Maternity Overalls 

Whether it’s summer or fall, you can rock these maternity denim overalls with a t-shirt or sweater. With these overalls, you can enjoy ankle jeans while pregnant. You can even wear them with a tank top if you want the sleeveless look. 

The hemlines are flattering, and the ripped patches can make any mommy-to-be feel trendy like she should! 

2. Storq Anytime Overalls  

Storq Anytime Overalls 

Image Source: Storq 

It’s no surprise why these overalls are a bestseller. You can wear them anytime! If you want to be cozy all day and feel like you’re in your PJs, or if you want to wear them out of the house, they’ll do the trick. 

They’re made from a cotton-spandex jersey material and have a cuffed ankle. They come in five colors and are available in sizes XS-4X, making them perfect for any momma! 

3. The Nines by HATCH Maternity Classic Cotton Twill Overalls

If you have to go into the office or out for an occasion, opt for these classic overalls. They come in several colors, so you can match them to pretty much anything in your wardrobe. 

The best part about these overalls? They have a drop waist and adjustable straps. Plus, you can find them easily at Target. And did we mention they’re super affordable?

4. H&M MAMA Maternity Overall Dress 

H&M MAMA Maternity Overall Dress

Image Source: H&M 

Whether it’s holiday party season, or you’re just feeling a romper or maternity dress, H&M has this adorable overall dress

Made with stretch-cotton corduroy, this black dress has adjustable suspenders with metal fasteners and a zipper on one side. It’s both practical and comfortable. It can also make a great outfit for your baby shower. Score! 

5. Gap Maternity Denim Overalls with Washwell 

Kudos to Gap for making these maternity denim overalls. They feature an adjustable racerback, hems you can cuff, and convenient side pockets. They’re made using the water-saving washwell denim production process, and they come in a variety of colors. 

6. Boohoo Maternity Culotte Wide Leg Dungaree 

Boohoo Maternity Culotte Wide Leg Dungaree

Image Source: Boohoo

If you’re more of a wide-legged kind of girl, this pair of overalls from Boohoo should be on your radar. 

The baggy boyfriend style is comfy and cute, making them perfect if you love a loose fit. Plus, you have front pockets and back pockets that zip on the side. And they won’t break the bank! 

7. A Pea in the Pod Tencel Maternity Overall 

Did somebody say soft and comfy? A Pea in the Pod gets a standing ovation for these insanely soft Tencel maternity overalls. They’re so comfy, you’ll want to sleep in them! They come in two different colors. 

8. Maternity Side-Panel Slouchy Straight Jean Overalls from Old Navy

Maternity Side-Panel Slouchy Straight Jean Overalls from Old Navy

Image Source: Old Navy 

Dress them up or dress them down, these overalls from Old Navy are a keeper! Enjoy the slouched relaxed fit throughout the body with a square neck and V-shaped back. The adjustable shoulder straps attach to metal buttons in the front, making it easy for you to find the perfect fit. Plus, you can customize your fit even more with three different inseams: short, regular, and long. 

9. Adjustable Strap Maternity Short Overalls 

If you love a romper, be pretty in pink with these adorable maternity overall shorts. They feature tie straps, a square neckline, and great pockets. These overalls tend to run a size smaller, so you may want to order one size up. 

10. Everly Grey Nani Maternity / Nursing Seersucker Overalls 

Everly Grey Nani Maternity / Nursing Seersucker Overalls 

Designed to fit through all three trimesters plus the postpartum stage, these blue-stripe overalls are stylish all year round. 

If you’re reaching your third trimester during the summer, you’ll especially enjoy the breathable cotton. 


There you have it, our picks for the best maternity overalls. Remember to look at the fabric, sizing, and adjustability features before adding anything to your cart. Look chic and comfy while waiting for your little one to arrive! 

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