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Our Favorite Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Looking for a creative way to announce your pregnancy to your family and friends this Christmas? Here are our top five favorite pregnancy ideas to replicate this holiday season.
couple announcing pregnancy on christmas
Updated: December 1, 2022

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Holidays are the perfect time to announce an upcoming pregnancy. Family photos, Christmas cards, and a slew of heartfelt Instagram posts already fill the winter season, so why not announce your pregnancy amongst all this cheer?

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We rounded up our five favorite Christmas pregnancy announcements based on criteria like merriness, sheer beauty, and a touch of well-placed holiday humor. 

Planning to announce your pregnancy this holiday? Pin these ideas for later:

A Pinterest guide to the Top Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas 2019

Letterboard with Naughty Checked 

We can’t help but smile at @ruthannecantrelle’s cheeky reference to how the baby came to be. The simple black and white of the letterboard and ultrasound photo are framed by a gorgeous pallet of colorful holiday imagery. We love how many pieces from nature are incorporated into the background, amplifying the overall beauty and adding texture. 

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Simple Joy

We cannot peel our eyes away from this one from @pnwpregnancy. An expecting mother sits with her hand resting on her baby bump. The background is completely white except for an out-of-focus Christmas tree filling up the left third of the image. And it is absolutely breathtaking!

Oops I Did It Again T-Shirt


The more the merrir! Merry Christmas from our family to yours! Baby #2 is due in May 2018.

A post shared by TheOrlandoMama (@theorlandomama) on

In another witty announcement, this post by @theorlandomama features a family photo with Dad in a shirt that reads “Oops I did it again”. Mom’s top reads, “Oh deer!” and baby #1 is snuggled between the two in cozy Christmas plaid. We love how this family photo is so simple but tells such big news! 

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The Ultrasound Speaks for Itself


The secret is out! So excited for you guys!

A post shared by Danielle Barry (@barryblessedphotography) on

This stunning shot captured by @barryblessedphotography requires no caption. An ultrasound sits in the foreground, while the expecting couple embraces in the out of focus background. The Christmas imagery is absolutely breathtaking and the simple pallet of dark green and white is just perfect. 

Silent Nights Are About To End

We can’t get enough of letterboards. In this post, @alifeinlabor references the classic Christmas carol, Silent Night, spelling out, “Our Silent Nights End July 2019”. The letterboard sits within a wreath and an ultrasound photo rests subtly to the left.

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There is so much to be merry about at Christmastime. If you’re lucky enough to be expecting the world’s best present, take advantage of the lights, snow, pine needles, and bright red bows when you share your Season’s Greetings!

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