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Teaching Kids to Save

Financial Responsibility and Higher Education

A parent wants to teach his son financial responsibility, but is not sure how much to help with tuition for college and beyond.read more

IRAs for Kids

IRAs for Kids Unless your child becomes an Internet mogul or hits the lottery, he probably won't earn a million dollars in one lump sum. Still, he can amass this kind of fortune with very little effort. The keys to becoming a millionaire are starting young and enjoying the magic of compounding. Getting your child to start thinking about retirement before he's even out of school can produce several benefits.read more
Money Jar Labels for Kids

Money Jar Labels for Kids

Print these money jar labels to help your child learn to manage and save his allowance money. Cut and paste the labels onto jars or envelopes to encourage kids to save, donate, invest, and spend their "fun money" wisely. read more
Can Bank Activity for Kids

Penny Can

Penny CanMaterials Plastic or metal cylinder with a plastic fitted lid Assorted stickers, stamps, and gummed labels Masking tape Colored markers Directionsread more

Teach Kids to Save Money for the Wish List

Teach Kids to Save Money for the Wish List Did you ever dream about owning a Ferrari? Did you ever want to put a pool in your backyard (or even have a backyard to put one in)? An adult's financial goals generally require a heavy savings commitment to reach them. Grown-ups save to buy a home, start a family, maybe start a business, and have a comfortable retirement. Those who are successful in meeting their goals generally are the ones who are experienced in saving. These people learned about saving early on.read more

You and Your Money

You and Your Money The word money for you probably triggers both a practical and an emotional response. First, you may think about what you earn, the bills you have to pay, or what you'd like to buy in the future. This is your practical side. You also may experience some emotional reaction to the word money. You may feel overwhelmed or need to feel in control. You may feel comfortable, or even cavalier.read more