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15 After-School Chores for Kids of All Ages

Here are 15 chores you can incorporate into your child’s after school routine.
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Updated: May 30, 2023

Children of all ages need to feel like contributing family members. Having daily household chores helps accomplish this. Even if kids complain about their duties, chores actually help develop responsibility and bolster a sense of belonging. 

As we dive into a new school year, now is the perfect time to incorporate chores into your child’s routine. 

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Daily chores can fit in sometime after homework. When kids first come home from school, they may need a snack and some free play time to decompress. This helps them refocus. Homework should really come next while their minds are still sharp. 

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Here are 15 chores you can incorporate into your child’s after school routine: 

Pick Up Toys 

Children as young as two years old can clean up their own toys. If your kid struggles, reduce the number of toys out at a time.

Dishes: Wash, dry, and put away

Cleaning up after meals is perfect for little ones, and it relieves parents from a dreaded chore.

Wipe down counters and appliances

This job is quick and easy. Just make sure appliances remain unplugged by a parent. 

Sort, Wash, Dry, Fold, and Put Away Laundry

Children love sorting, and it’s great for their development. The process of washing laundry is easy to learn, but younger children require supervision.


Kids love vacuuming! Start with a handheld vacuum if they are too small to manage a full-sized version.


Teach your kids to dust from top to bottom. 

Make Beds

It’s ideal to make beds in the mornings, but in real life, mornings are a rush. Instead, schedule this chore first thing after homework is done.

Feed Pets

Taking care of animals is a well-loved job among kids. Parents do need to take special care to make sure it gets done. Kids may forget, and parents should take responsibility to make sure pets never go hungry.

Take out the Trash

Either assign this chore to certain days of the week, or teach your kids to check and see when the bag is full.

Set and Clear the Table

This one is a favorite of many children, and they really love learning the “right” places for each piece. Have fun with proper etiquette!

Water Plants and Flowers

Another top favorite among kids, watering plants also teaches them about life science.

Pull Weeds

This one is a great way to get children outside instead of glued to their screens 

Help Prepare Dinner

Adjust this one for your child’s age. The youngest can wash vegetables, while older kids can learn to safely cook simple meals 

Put Away Groceries

Another sorting job, this one also helps kids learn about the planning that goes into feeding a family 

Rake Leaves

When fall hits, this chore is incredibly helpful. Plus, kids get the added bonus of jumping in the leaf piles. 

However you arrange it, try and create a predictable routine that your child can fall into. 

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