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Today's grandparents are more actively involved than ever as childcare providers, weekend hosts, live-in family members, and visiting playmates. Find some fun ideas for outings and activities to enjoy with your grandchildren next time you're together.

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Nature Walk

grandparents grandchildren nature walk

Bring the kids to a nearby park to take in the sights and sounds of nature! Collect some treasures along the way, such as flowers and leaves, and make something special to remember your day.

Make the nature walk an educational experience with this Science on a Nature Walk Kit.

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Arts & Crafts

Most children love to get crafty! Check out somecute crafts for kidsand thesefree printable coloring pages. Take arts and crafts time a step further bymaking the supplies from scratchwith the kids.

Looking for a simple and easy craft for your grandkids. Try this rock-painting kit.

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Cooking & Baking

Speaking of making things from scratch... If you like to cook or bake, check out these ideas forinvolving kids in the kitchen. Here are sometasty recipes to make with kids.

Start with a fun and kid-friendly food like pizza with this Master Chef Pizza Cooking set.

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Puzzles & Games

grandparents grandkids playing games

Checkmate! Enjoy a little friendly competition with your littlest family member. Many of the board games you played with your children are still popular with your grandchild's generation. See thislist of classic board gamesto jog your memory. Puzzles and card games, such asHeartsandCrazy Eightsare also fun and low-key options.

Floor puzzles are one of our favs! Try this geography floor puzzle.

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Pass on your green thumb to your grandchild by growingberries,pumpkins,vegetables, or flowers together. Most kids get a kick out of using a watering can!

Get your grandkid excited about gardening with their own set of tools.

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Parents love when their kids squeeze in some reading time at Grandma's house. Hit the library with your grandchild to track down someclassics, or head to your local bookstore and pick out a new children's bookas a special treat.

No matter the age of your grandkids, they will enjoy Roald Dahl's stories.

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Playground Time

playing on the playground

Hitting the playground with an energetic child is a great way for you both to get exercise! Safety swings (like the one pictured) are a relatively mellow option for entertaining little kids. Just be prepared for hours of "Push me! Push me!" if your youngster gets hooked!

App Exploration

Kids these days... they do love technology. But many grandparents are into gadgets, too. Break out your tablet (or smartphone) and try thesefree educational apps for kids of all agesand theseaward-winning paid apps.

Bird Watching

Duck. Duck. Goose! Bring your grandchild to a local park to observe the ducks or other birds, or — even better — attract feathered friends to your own backyard by making ahomemade birdfeedertogether.

Get the grandkids excited about bird watching with their own set of binoculars.

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Lunch Date

grandmother grandchild out to eat

What grandparent doesn't love showing off her grandchild? Plan a fun lunch or dessert date out on the town with your adorable offspring. Many sweet memories are made over a bowl of ice cream or slice of cake with Nana!

Movie Day

Rainy days call for a trip to the movies. Bonus — tickets are usually discounted for kids and older adults! Check out ourfamily movie guidefor ideas on movies in theaters or flicks to watch at home with the kids.

If you're kids love Disney, having this anthology of classic Disney movies on DVD will come in hand.

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Teach a Hobby

Whether you're into fishing, knitting, or anything in between, your grandchild will love learning a new hobby or skill from you. Look for books or websites with information on introducing kids to your hobby. Buy a children's fishing pole, knitting set, tool box, model car kit, or anything that will pique a child's interest. Fostering a new hobby is one of the most meaningful ways to pass the time (and make memories) with your grandkids!

Introduce the grandkids to your world of knitting and crafting with these knitting needles for kids.

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Search for other fun ideas in our Activities Center.

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