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What Do Your Top 3 Emojis Say About You?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and many times a text with just emojis is all you need. Parents share what their top three emojis say about them!
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Updated: May 30, 2023

What goes around comes around and that’s true for ancient hieroglyphics because let’s face it, emojis are the modern-day hieroglyph, right? They’re perfect to get a message across quickly plus they save you from those epic microphone speech-to-text fails, peppered with unintended words that may make you blush. Emojis are usually safe, cute, and can pack more meaning in their little images than words often can.

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When you look at your top three emojis, they’re a real-time window into your life, relationships, and feelings whether it’s hearts, tears, a smiley face or something specific just to you. When our dog was still alive, my top three emojis for a while were a dog, the iconic smiling pile of poop, and a bag. These were sent to my older boys, so it was explicitly clear when it was their day for doggy yard cleanup without me having to remind, cajole, or even say a word!

If you picked up your phone, or any of your friend’s phones, right now and looked at the first three emojis, what would they say? Here are a few snapshots of what’s going on with moms right here and now simply through their well-used emojis:

peace sign, crying laughing emoji, rolling eyes emoji

Mary from MA, mom of two adult daughters, uses the two fingered peace sign emoji, “Because I’m an aging hippie I guess. The laughing face with tears streaming down because I try to share humor also I have very funny family and friends. Eyeroll (which is my fave) because of the current political climate.”

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crying laughing emoji, heart eyes emoji. shrugging shoulders emoji

Diane has four kids, lives in NJ and shares, “Am I supposed to know what they say about me or do you look at them and know! If I were to guess it’s that I find things funny a lot and I use sarcasm a lot which comes across better in print with a laughing face at the end! The heart eyes are likely because I have so many friends with freaking adorable kids and I have no idea about the third (woman with hands up shrugging). I feel like I use that when I’m exasperated about something my kid did!”

crying laughing emoji, flushed face emoji, facepalm emoji

Melina from WA has two kids says, “I think it says any ordered combination describes my life as a parent.” The ups, downs, funny and embarrassing moments all wrapped into one.

heart emoji, tongue sticking out winking face emoji, cheese emoji

Lea from MT has two kids in their twenties and says they text each other all the time because, “They are living their own lives away from me, which still seems wrong and fabulous. I love them to death, we laugh at ourselves all the time, and when one of us manages to get through whatever needs getting through, I send cheese. Because my daughter informed me, years ago, that my motto was ‘throw it out or melt cheese on it,’ and at first I thought that was kind of not very exciting, and then I realized that it meant that I can let go of stuff--and I have a lot of stuff to let go of-- and I can make something good and cheesy out of the rest.”

crying laughing emoji, poop emoji, wine emoji

Linnea from CO has two boys ages 4 and 1.5 and laughing until you cry, poop, and wine pretty much say it all and we get it! Linnea says, “Also, pretty sure every parent laugh-cries constantly!”

crying laughing emoji, flushed face emoji, smiling emoji with hearts

Amanda is a mother of two from FL and says, “My toddler makes me laugh and does shocking, but entertaining things.”

At any given time, I’m usually texting a few fellow mom friends and emojis are just the ticket. When my son was on his school’s track team, one of the carpool moms would text me emojis of a sneaker, scowl face, followed by eight or nine red wine glasses. I didn’t need any words to know how things were going for the kids or for her!

Emojis are perfect for texting friends during a favorite TV show too. For me it’s anything Bachelor related. I know my primary Bachelor nation friend is ready to start texting and dishing about the show when I receive a text with the red wine glass and rose emojis. If it’s Bachelor in Paradise, the red wine glass is swapped out for the tropical drink emoji and red rose.

Emojis are also meant for hidden messages. One simple emoji can speak volumes to those in the know! I have mine and when I send it to my husband or best friend (or vice versa) we know exactly what’s happening without anyone else knowing. It has saved me many a time over the years!

So, enjoy those cute characters and pay attention to the ones you use most because it’s the perfect snapshot of your life.

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