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Having Twins: A Day in the Life of Mom

Having twins is no easy feat. Everything you do is doubled, including the diapers, the feedings and the spit-up. Here's what a typical day is like for a mom of twins.
Having twins has its sweet moments and its challenges
Updated: December 1, 2022

I will never forget the day my husband went back to work after I had twins. Our boys were preemies and were in the NICU for a while. When they were released, life went back to normal. Wait, no, not normal. Normal went out the window, especially for me.

As I watched my clean husband get into his car alone with a hot cup of coffee, I looked down at my ratty robe and the two cherubs propped up in their infant seats with barf running down their chins onto their necks and I thought, "I'm alone, I'm freaked and I think I just want to go back to college."

My husband's car turned the corner and my journey began. Very much like the movie Groundhog Day.

Having twins means double the cute moments. Twin boys on a blanket

Here's how having twins went down:

5 am: We hear cooing, crying out, then silence. Maybe they went back to sleep? I lay in bed for as long as possible before the day begins.

5:15 am: I think they're up. Weren't they just up like an hour ago for a bottle? What day is it anyway?

5:30 am: Time for coffee. Hubby brings the boys down. I lay in bed wondering what I should try to accomplish, or maybe just how to survive.

6 am: Hubby preps bottles, I stagger into the living room. He has time today, so we both feed one of the boys and sort of stare into space chatting a bit here and there about the day ahead -- drastically different days for each of us. He has meetings; I have laundry and many hours to fill while not losing my mind.

6:30 am: Hubs hits the shower and it's exersaucer time for the boys. Spit-up is a constant. They both have horrible reflux that medication isn't helping, so they pretty much wear bibs 24/7 -- stacks and stacks of bibs and burp cloths always on hand.

I check the news to see that life really is continuing out there. I'm still very much in my bubble of babies and coffee.

7:15ish am: Hubs heads to work and I want to cry because I would like to be wearing something other than a robe.

I play with the boys, rattles, squeaky toys and then their favorite thing. Facing each other in their chairs to stare at each other and giggle.

By this time, diapers have been changed a few times and many bibs have been soaked through.

10:30 am: It feels like it must be noon already, but nope! The boys are nodding off, so it's up to the cribs for their first nap. I turn the baby monitor on, race through a shower, and try to get a few work-related items off my list. I've kept a few freelance clients, which is my lifeline to the outside world.

I forget what time it is now, but the boys are cooing, yelling, and generally making a ruckus. So naptime must be over. Wow, that was sooooo short! Here we go again! Time for diaper changes, some baby cereal and new bibs!

After lunch, we take a walk around the neighborhood in the twin stroller. Ours is not side by side stroller but front and back. I see their chubby arms sticking out as I walk down the street.

Back home, time for tummy time and a show. We watch The Wiggles, their favorite. Bright colors, singing, I know all of the songs by heart.

The Wiggles make them tired so it's time for their afternoon naptime. Yessss! Diapers changed, I carry one up to his crib then come down and carry the other into his crib. I grab the baby monitor and this time I do laundry. Lots and lots of laundry. With twins who have reflux the laundry is legendary. I also start to turn my attention to dinner.

Having twins means double the adorable outfits. Twin boys dressed up

3 pm: The boys have been asleep for an hour or so, and they're starting to wake up again. I have some laundry done and dinner is planned. Now for the final push and the witching hour of dinner.

4 pm: Another walk around the block in the stroller and double time pushing in the baby swings hanging from our backyard swing set. I hear older kids a few houses down screaming and having fun on their trampoline. I cannot fathom our boys being old enough for a trampoline.

They notice a plane darting across the sky. I wonder who is in the plane and where they're going. Someplace exotic? They're probably wearing clean clothes and drinking adult beverages.

I take each boy carefully out of his swing and put him on a blanket in the yard. I take one inside followed by the other and back into the exersaucers while I start baths. I bathe each boy in my kitchen sink. Once both boys are bathed and in new onesies I make dinner.

6 pm: Daddy is about to arrive. I glance at the clock, no I study the clock. Here he comes. Joy!!! The boys are thrilled and I'm thrilled that I have another set of adult hands to help!

Dinner is served and eaten and my husband spends some time with the boys wrestling on the floor as I sit and watch. Bedtime is almost here. I survived another day with everyone alive. Books are read, routines are followed and I can see that glass of wine calling my name.

The boys are in bed, we pour glasses of wine, I prep bottles and plan to do it all over again tomorrow!

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