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3 Tips for a Stress-Free School Morning Routine

Here are three simple and actionable tips that will have you nailing those busy school mornings with ease.
dad dropping kids off at school
By: Brittany McCabe

Back-to-school season is upon us. If anyone else is wondering where summer went, I totally get it. Seems like just yesterday we were making our summer bucket list and checking it twice, now we are crossing off items on our back-to-school list. Sigh. 

But, have no fear. Here are a few simple tips and tricks to get you up to super mom speed and have you nailing those busy school mornings with ease.

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Sleep Routines

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First things first, get those kiddos back on track with sleep. Summertime is filled with leisure days and late nights. That’s why we love them, but that simply is not going to work for a smooth and stress-free morning. Start a few weeks before school starts at trying to work your kids back into a bedtime and wake-up routine that will work for school. Adjust bedtime by small increments of 15 minutes until you reach wake-up nirvana, no whining and no fights.

For help creating a bedtime routine, download this free printable bedtime routine checklist


bedtime routine checklist printable

Plan the Night Before

mom and daughter picking out clothes night before school

Talk to your child about what needs to be planned for them to complete their morning routine on their own, and what you might need to help out with. Figure out what can be done the night before to help with a smoother morning and what will need to be done the morning of. 

For example, things like packing homework, laying out clothes, and having school supplies ready for the next day can be done the night before. This can easily be a part of you and your child’s routine before screen time (to motivate them).

Plan "Me Time"

mom enjoying stress free morning with baby

Write down everything that normally needs to be done in the day and figure out the best times to do them. For me, making lists eases anxiety and helps me organize my day. It helps to clearly see, written down, what needs to be done. Start with general times, like morning, afternoon, evening, then go from there to organize more detailed time, if desired. 

For example, I know that the mornings tend to be a bit more hectic with making breakfast, packing lunches, helping my kids get dressed as well as myself before leaving. But I always like to plan at least 15 minutes extra to sit down and drink my coffee before tackling any of those tasks. Planning will help give you the organization you need for tackling the challenges of the day.

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