10 First Day of School Photos That are Parenting Goals

Updated: February 12, 2020
Here are ten clever first day of school photo ideas that can help you reach your #parentinggoals.
First day of school photos
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The first day of school is a momentous occasion for any family. While many parents are happy if they can just get a decent picture, other parents want to commemorate this day each year more creatively. 

Instagram is notoriously famous for having a treasure trove of ideas for any photographic ambition, and this is not lost on the first day of school pictures. Here are ten clever first day of school photo ideas that can help you reach your #parentinggoals.

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Pre-Made Signs

Using a pre-made sign that asks your child the same questions each year is an easy way to keep a record of her interests. These are great because they’re convenient to store, easy to wipe clean, and help you to keep a consistent collection of first day of school photos.

Chalkboard Signs

Or if you’re more of the creative type you can always create the board with questions yourself! This works well if you know you will switch the questions up a bit each year. 


I mean really, how cute would this be if your child was able to stand in a spot like this each year for the first day of school? By the time she’s heading off to her first day of college, she’ll most likely be fitting into the wings and crown! 

LOL Signs

Well, because you know you are…

First Day of School Letterboard 

The letterboard has definitely been a popular way of conveying thoughts on Instagram, and the first day of school is no different. Get a sweet quote from your child and share it with the world.

Wall Art

If a letterboard is too small for you, go for the whole wall! 

Dr. Seuss Inspiration

This Dr. Seuss book works well for any age, especially for those who are starting a rite of passage. These include the first day of kindergarten, middle school, high school, or even college.

Posed Photo Shoot

With a setup like this, you could go from super cute to really goofy very quickly!

Featuring Mom

Mom’s celebrate the first day of school their own way… it’s not always in tears!


It doesn’t take much to be a happy mom on the first day of school!

Good luck with your #firstdayofschool #parentinggoals!

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