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Holiday Travel Safety for Babies and Toddlers

Having these five must-have items from Dreambaby® will have your little one traveling with ease and will make parents’ lives much more stress-free this holiday season.
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Updated: December 1, 2022

The holiday season has finally arrived and while we are limited in our travels, many of us will spend more time with family and friends and spread some happiness. As much as this is a season of joy and celebration, the stress of traveling with a baby or toddler, near or far, can sometimes get in the way of experiencing maximum holiday cheer.

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There is a lot to keep in mind when traveling with little ones. Parents hope for peaceful car rides when they travel, but that involves having all you need to ensure your little one is either busy or resting comfortably. Also, families don’t want to impose when they visit loved ones, and parents tend to feel pressure to avoid having baby items taking over someone else’s home. No matter how kind their host is, parents also always worry about how much of a mess their little one will make in their new environment.

Fortunately, there are five items that can make holidays on-the-go much easier for families with little ones. These Dreambaby® products will have your little one traveling with ease and will make parents’ lives much more stress-free this holiday season.

1. Grab ‘N Go Booster Seat

Traveling Toddlers_Booster Seat

Gone are the days of having to ask your hosts to scramble to find a high chair or booster seat or filling the back of your car with large and cumbersome contraptions aimed at enabling your little one to join you at the table. The Dreambaby® Grab ‘N Go Booster Seat is as lightweight, compact, and portable as can be.

Parents love that this booster takes up little space in their trunk and can be carried over a shoulder. It has its own roomy storage space where bottles, pouches, and toddler-sized eating utensils can be kept. Families can enjoy feeling more organized and efficient with this easy to tote comfortable booster. And an added bonus, it’s easy to wash!

2. Strollerbuddy® StrollAway® An Over the Door Stroller Hanger

Traveling Toddlers_Strollaway

When a baby joins your home, along comes many large items, from cribs, strollers, playpens and so much more. And many families are now living in smaller houses and apartments. This Dreambaby® Strollerbuddy® StrollAway is a great way to store your stroller off the floor and out of the way. It will hold even the largest of strollers, and easily fits over the top of most doors. Simply position your stroller onto the Dreambaby® StrollAway®’s arms and it will be out of the way until you need it next.

3. Pouch Pal®

Traveling Toddlers_Pouch Pal

Parents love pouches for feeding their little ones almost as much as their babies and toddlers do. They’re convenient, quick, and easy to always keep on hand. When your hands are busy or you are on-the-go, pouches can be a life saver. Unfortunately, they can also make a huge mess. Little ones love to squeeze them, but they are not always directed at their mouths.

Parents can say goodbye to messy cars and big cleanups when visiting others thanks to the Dreambaby® Pouch Pal®. When your baby holds a pouch safely housed in a Pouch Pal®, there will be no more squeezed foods making the biggest of messes, the only place the pouch contents will be landing is in little tummies.

4. Adjusta-Car Shade®

Traveling Toddlers_Car Shade

There is no sweeter sound for parents than a happy child in their car seat. One thing that can get in the way of this is sunlight shining directly into the eyes of a baby.

Parents will love the Dreambaby® Adjusta-Car Shade® because it can be stretched to fit most car windows to help create a nice shady spot. Unlike many car shades, adults and little ones alike can see through this fabulous shade. It helps prevent glare, but still leaves the view that children crave on a car trip.

5. Car Back Seat Tablet Holder & Mirror

Traveling Toddler_Tablet Holder

Having peace of mind when you drive is important. Parents want to know that their little one is safe and content in their rear-facing car seat while still being able to concentrate on driving. With the mirror side out, this ‘Dual Purpose’ Dreambaby® Car Back Seat Tablet Holder & Mirror allows for just that. Parents will be able to spy on their children in the reflection of the mirror and children will be able to look at themselves, which we all know how much they love to do, as it can keep them occupied for ages.

And as little ones get older and move to a front facing seat, and want to stay occupied in the car, flip the Dreambaby® Car Back Seat Tablet Holder & Mirror to the tablet holder side. Parents love that they can put on their toddler’s favorite show so little ones can laugh and learn as they pass the time in the car. When toddlers are happy in the car, everyone is happier!

Be sure to use the code DreambabyDec when you purchase these on-the-go family travel hacks from Dreambaby® for the best possible deals this month!

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