4 Must-Have Items to Baby Proof Your Home This Holiday Season

Updated: November 23, 2020
Having these four must-have items from Dreambaby® can help make your home safer for your little ones. The ease and peace of mind that these in-home safety items bring will be just what every family needs to make the most of the holiday season.
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The holiday season has begun, and that means families will be gathering around the home (and the computer!) to spread holiday cheer. Whether they’re staying home, traveling or connecting virtually, parents have a lot to keep track of!

Between planning for presents, special meals and everything else, it’s easy to overlook baby proofing when you’re so, so busy!

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Fortunately, having these four must-have items from Dreambaby® can help make your home safer for your little ones. The ease and peace of mind that these in-home safety items bring will be just what every family needs to make the most of the holiday season.

Baby Proofing Tips for The Holidays

Babies-on-the-move and toddlers love to explore. Although parents don’t want to ruin their little one’s fun, it is essential to ensure that all of that exploration is also safe and secure for tiny bodies. Having a brief safety checklist can make baby proofing your home quick, easy, and efficient.

  • Assess the cabinets and drawers that your little one can reach for containing valuables, sharp objects and poisonous and harmful substances. Move all sharp objects and poisonous and harmful substances up out of reach into a securely locked cabinet, and secure all other cabinets and drawers.
  • Identify slippery surfaces like rugs that can skid.
  • Look for sharp edges on tables, chairs, and countertops.
  • Cover accessible electrical outlets.
  • Remove any strangling hazards like pull cords on window treatments.
  • Find any heavy objects or pieces of furniture that your little one might be able to push over or pull down.
  • Keep track of all doors and windows that lead to the outside or unsafe places for your little one.
  • Notice windows that could easily be pushed open creating a safety hazard.
  • Remove tiny objects that might find themselves into your baby’s mouth.
  • Make sure your little one has a safe place to sleep that will keep them safe from falls.

4 Must-Have Items to Keep Your Little One Safe During Family Travel

1. Lever Door Lock

Lever Door Lock

It’s easy to forget that areas like garages, laundry rooms, balconies, and bathrooms can be like land mines for little ones. Parents love using Lever Door Locks on door handles to these spaces because they are extremely quick and easy to install. They fit on almost any door handle, and although they keep little ones from opening doors to forbidden places, they’re still very easy for adults to use.

This is also a perfect option if you are traveling to a relative’s home this holiday season. Grandma and Grandpa won’t find any holes in their doors with this installation as the Lever Door Lock installs right into the already existing holes on the door handles. There’s no accompanying keys to lose while everyone focuses on family time, and there are no adhesives to leave behind scuff marks. Families will be able to enjoy holiday time more knowing the littlest loved ones aren’t finding their way into unsafe rooms amongst all of the hustle and bustle.

2. Breezz-Guard Keyless Window Restrictor

Keyless Window Restrictor

The Breezz-Guard Keyless Window Restrictor is such a handy way to let the fresh air in through open windows while your little one stays safe from windows that open so wide that they can allow falls. Parents love that baby can watch all that excites her outside of the house without having to worry about windows opening too wide.

Whether your window frame is wood, plastic or aluminum, you can easily add this safety feature to the majority of sash, vertical or horizontal sliding windows. There are also no keys to worry about losing. Even the enticement of Santa’s sleigh flying by or the winter wonderland outside won’t lead to your little one squeezing through any open window spaces this season.

3. Hinged Metal Furniture Anchors

metal furniture anchors used to baby proof

Little ones are small but mighty! Never underestimate the power of a curious toddler, especially when festive holiday decor and presents are involved. Parents know that tiny hands somehow have the ability to pull over things like bookcases, chests, and display cases. The last thing you want during the holiday season is a dangerous accident for your little one and shattered meaningful items. And they’re also great in earthquake zones.

The Hinged Metal Furniture Anchors secure heavy items to the wall with a heavy duty cable. Everyone will love the fact that they are barely noticeable yet parents will have peace of mind to know objects that have the potential to fall are safely secured. Little ones can explore their space with freedom, while parents can watch without fear.

4. Bed Rail

Bed Rail

This is a great option whether at home or on the go this holiday season. Its modular construction and included storage bag are ideal for travelling whether it’s a night at grandma’s or a week vacation in a hotel bed. Parents know that no one is getting a good night’s sleep during holiday travel if the littles ones are struggling with sleep. Even the best of little sleepers can have bed fall incidents when they are in new and different surroundings. Fortunately, almost any bed can be made into a safer sleeping space for babies and toddlers when families bring along a Dreambaby® Bed Rail.

With a breathable and washable mesh side, even the tiniest of family members can have safe sleeping space anywhere. The bed rail folds flat and assembles easily for quickly putting it up and taking it down. Once installed, toddlers will feel secure with it attached to the bed, and parents can have the better night’s sleep that they crave. And, there’s also the added bonus that the cover is machine washable.

Even if you’re not travelling this holiday season, this is a great option for your child’s bed at home, especially if your child is restless or wakes up often throughout the night. Parents can check one stressor off their list when using this product as they can be assured that their little one will not fall from bed.

Make sure you’re ready for the holiday season this year, and be sure to use Dreambaby®’s coupon code “DreambabyNov” to save big on everything you need for baby proofing and peace of mind this holiday season.