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    Children and Airplane Safety
    Children and Airplane Safety Until your child is 2 years old, airlines will let her fly free as long as you hold her in your lap. We strongly urge you to buy her a ticket, however, so you are assured of having a seat in which to properly restrai...
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    Airplane Travel with the Kids
    Airplane Travel with the Kids Fear of flying? Many parents rapidly develop this syndrome when they consider the challenges of flying with their kids. In reality, flying with kids is easier than driving with them (and driving is something you do ...
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    How Early Can Infants Fly on Planes?
    How early can an infant fly on a plane? Our expert gives you guidelines for flying with infants. ...
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    Young Children and Tragic News
    A mother seeks advice on how to reassure her young son that his dad is safe when traveling. ...
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    Air Bag Safety for Kids
    Although designed to save lives, air bags still pose a very serious risk to children. ...