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Summer Vacation

It's time for summer sun and fun! Plan your family's vacation or find activities for outdoor fun right at home. Plus, find tips for selecting the right summer camp, staying safe, and preventing summer brain drain.

11 Survival Tips for Summer Boredom

All year long you look forward to summer. So why do you feel like you might lose your mind when school is out and you're at home with the kids – all day, every day? Here are some fun and affordable cures for your family's summertime, stuck-at-home blues. If your kids spend the day with a nanny or sitter, pass along these activities and tips for surviving until September. read more

5 Best Cities for Family Vacation

Planning a vacation is one activity your family is sure to enjoy as there are plenty of options to choose from. The surf or the slopes. Big city bustle or serenity of a mountain cabin. And then there's the manner of travel. Load up the car for a long road trip – half the fun IS getting there – or hop on a plane for a cross-country flight. read more

America's Top Family-Friendly Water Parks

There's no better way for parents and kids to cool off on a hot summer's day than with a plunge down a water slide. Here are some of our favorite family water parks around the country. read more

Best Family-Friendly Beaches in the U.S.

Has this happened to you? You pack up the kids and drive for hours to the beach, only to be surrounded by college students, drinking, and crowded shorelines. Don't let this happen to you and your family. The next time you're planning a beach vacation with the kiddos, try one of these top family-friendly beaches around the country. read more

Center for Cyber Safety and Education: Prepping for your Family Vacation

We all know the drill before going on a long trip or vacation. Stop the mail and newspaper. Find someone to watch the house and pets and make sure that everyone has everything packed. Depending upon where you are going, you will undoubtedly double check to see that the kids have their swimsuits, extra shoes and more than two pairs of underwear. Have everyone’s medicines? Sunscreen and bug spray? Car oil and tires checked? The list can get long quick! But have you considered cyber safety in your meticulous preparation for a fun and safe adventure? read more

Stop Summer Boredom

Stop Summer Boredom"I'm soooo bored," sighs eight-year-old Jason as he sits down to lunch. "There's nothing to do." For many children, summer means long lazy days that are a sharp contrast to the scheduled school year. In theory, parents and children alike look forward to a break from the pressure of homework and after-school activities. But in practice, a sudden wealth of downtime can add friction to families. read more

Stupendous Sandcastles

Stupendous SandcastlesAn Imagination Station Activity Materials needed: Sand Water Patience Pail or bucket Shovel or spade (optional) Plastic knife, and spoon (optional) Few things make a longer lasting impression than great sandcastles. Memories of individual summers may fade, but the recollections of the castles of summer will stay with us to the end of our days. A Family Project read more

Summer Addresses Form

Make sure you keep in touch with your friends this summer, by recording their addresses on this printable sheet. read more

Summer Fun To-Do List

From simple pleasures to exciting excursions for all ages, use this checklist to make sure your family covers all the basics when it comes to summer fun! read more

Tips to Pack for Summer Family Vacation

The countdown is on until summer break arrives. Warm nights, ice cream trucks, and beach days will soon be here, and that makes me pretty darn excited. Every year we take a family vacation to Cape Cod, a trip I daydream about during cold New England winters. read more

Top 10 Camping Foods and Recipes

Keep your campers happy with kid-friendly, familiar meals while you're roughing it. These foods are easy to travel with and can be cooked right over the campfire or on a portable camping stove. Remember to pack all your camping essentials, and store your food in coolers and sturdy containers — and inside your car, if possible to keep critters away. Bon appétit in the wilderness, campers! read more

Top 10 Frozen Treats

Those scorching summer days can be pretty sluggish. Beat the heat with these tasty frozen treats that are sure to cool you down and keep you energized. read more

Top 10 Summer Beach Reads for 2017

Nothing says vacation like relaxing into soft, warm sand while being whisked away by an enthralling and timely book. Whether you love mystery or romance, make sure to bring along a few of these top summer beach reads on your next beachside trip...or even just chilling out at home! Secrets in Summer by Nancy Thayer read more

Top 5 Places to Hide From My Kids During School Vacation

Transcript: Living with my little love barnacles has its ups and downs. On one hand, it’s nice to know that I am always thoroughly and deeply loved. On the other hand… Stop asking me questions! Stop! Nobody. Touch me. Again. Just give me a minute of peace. Here are some of my favorite spots to escape to when I need a break. Enjoy!   read more

Top Family-Friendly Beach Destinations

Are you looking for the perfect beach destination for your family this summer? Check out this list of top family-friendly beaches throughout the country, and start planning your next vacation! read more

Top Kid-Friendly Campgrounds

With the cost of family vacations rising, one affordable alternative is to reserve a campsite at a state or national park. Whether you pitch a tent or rent a cabin, at these campsites you'll have a low-cost base of operations for outdoor activities like swimming and hiking. Reservations can be made online at read more

Top Kid-Friendly Summer Vacations

This summer, chill out with a great vacation getaway that the whole family will enjoy. These kid-friendly summer destination ideas are sure to be a hit with your children, while providing you with some much needed relaxation. read more

Top Summer Games and Activities for Kids

Looking for some fun summer day activities for your kids? Well look no further! Beach Obstacle Course All you need is a stick and a shovel to make a fun beach activity for your child. Read the instructions for the Beach Obstacle Course. read more

What's Your SPF IQ?

Sunburn is a year-round concern. Take the quiz to find out how much you know about sun protection. read more

Why Boredom May Not Be So Bad

Why Boredom May Not Be So Bad Like most parents on the planet, Kathy W. has heard the complaint, "I'm bored. I want to watch TV." Unlike many moms and dads, this New Hampshire mom tells her three sons, ages ten, seven and four, "That's good! Now you have a chance to explore new possibilities." Kathy thinks kids have to get bored to get creative. read more