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Looking for some fun summer day activities for your kids? Well look no further!

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Beach Obstacle Course

beach running

All you need is a stick and a shovel to make a fun beach activity for your child. Read the instructions for the Beach Obstacle Course.

Water Fight

kids playing with water

A water fight is a safe and fun group activity for kids - and it's refreshing on a hot day! Read the instructions for the Water Fight.

Bubble Contest

girl playing with bubbles

Nothing to do on a summer afternoon? Organize a bubble blowing contest! Mix up some bubble solution, assemble some tools for blowing, and you're set. Read the instructions for the Bubble Contest.

Stupendous Sand Castles

kids making a sandcastle

There is no wrong way to build a sandcastle. However, if you want to build a truly memorable sand structure, there are a few tricks of the trade that are worth knowing. Read the instructions for Stupendous Sand Castles.

Fun with Sand

kids playing with sand

Legend says that if you bring home sand from a beach, you'll visit that beach again. Whether that's true, collecting sand is a fun way to remember your visits to the beach and to see how sand differs from beach to beach. Read the instructions for Fun with Sand.

First Water Slide

kid on water slide

Here's an inexpensive and low-tech way to bring the thrills of a water slide to your own backyard. Read the instructions for First Water Slide.

Water Swing

girl on swing

You'd have to go all the way to an amusement park to find a ride as wet and wild as this one, but you can make this one at home! Read the instructions for Water Swing.

Synchronized Swimming

synchronized swimming

Synchronized swimming is a fun and difficult water sport that requires the execution of a routine to music. The goal of the performance is to interpret the music with technical skill, style, grace and precision.


playing hide and seek

This game, a variation of "hide and seek," is best played outdoors. It can be played with two or more players. Read the instructions for Sardines.

More Summer Games and Activities

family on sand

For even more summer fun, explore the FamilyEducation Activities Center!

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