• Yarn Dog Activity for Kids
    String and Yarn
    Yarn Dog
    Yarn DogMaterials Colored rug yarn or thick 8-ply knitting wool Paper White glue or glue stick Dog photos or pictures Cardboard Directions Trace a large clear picture of a dog onto the cardboard. This is just the basic outline, so don't worry abo...
  • Yarn Doll Activity for Kids
    String and Yarn
    Yarn Dolls
    Yarn DollsMaterials Yarn or string 8-inch x 4-inch piece of cardboard Scissors Directions Wind the yarn around the card about thirty times or until the yarn is about as fat as two fingers. Remove it from the card and tie a doubled wool strand aro...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    String and Yarn
    Fork Flower
    Fork FlowerThis simple, easy craft is a great way for your child to keep busy while he's waiting for his meal in a restaurant or at home. Materials Yarn Fork with four tines Scissors Green pipe cleaner or floral wire (optional) Directions Tie the...
    Trish Kuffner, author of The Children's Busy Book