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Spring Break

This spring, fun is in full bloom with our exciting spring-break ideas and activities for your family. Use this opportunity to take a vacation or to plan an exhilarating outdoor day with your kids.

9 Free Things to Do This Spring

A family-friendly outing in your town doesn't have to cost a pretty penny. Most towns and cities offer tons of free activities— the trick is knowing where to look. Check out this list of springtime activity ideas that will get your kids out of the house, but won't cost you a dime. read more

Son Wants to Spend Spring Break with His Girlfriend

Should parents allow their child to spend Spring Break with another family the parents don't know? read more

Spring Break: What Parents Need to Know

Spring Break: What Parents Need to Know Dangerous Revelry ABC's nightly TV news broadcast their annual spring break expose. At mid-afternoon teenagers were fall-down drunk and incoherent. Scantily clad girls enthusiastically lifted their tops and exposed their breasts to car after car packed with cheering, leering boys. A condom maker's brilliantly colored banners, emblazoned with "TROJANS", hung from the windows of hotels' catering to these kids. Just another spring break afternoon in Panama City Beach, Florida. read more

Top Kid-Friendly Spring Break Vacations

Looking for a great travel destination this spring break? Check out these hot spots. Your whole family will love them and, best of all, they won't break the bank! read more