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4 Ways to Make Your Child's December Birthday Feel Special

Does your child's birthday fall during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season? Check out these ideas for making December (or November or January) birthdays feel special for kids! (Psst, check out these great gift ideas for your wiz kid!)
Updated: December 1, 2022

Merry ChristmaHannaKwanzYear! Most people are caught up in the excitement the holiday season, but for your winter-born child, it's also a time to celebrate a birthday. December birthdays (along with those in November and January!) often get downplayed during the thick of seasonal celebrations. Don't let that happen this year. Make your child's birthday memorable with these four tips!

Plan a Dedicated Birthday Party
Are your weekends filled with holiday concerts at school, family dinner parties, and never-ending holiday shopping trips? You're not alone. Chat with key family members and friends well in advance to find a mutual time that works for everyone to gather for a family birthday party.

Don't piggy-back the birthday celebration onto a seasonal event. The child should have an afternoon or evening dedicated to feeling special and celebrated. Pick a date, then send out invites to make it official.

Choose a Non-Seasonal Party Theme
Little kids love having a theme party. Avoid taking them to visit Santa Claus or to browse the local Christmas tree festival. Instead, make the theme focused on a current hobby, sport, or favorite character.

Does your son love bowling? Take a group to the bowling alley for an evening of glow-in-the-dark bowling. Does your daughter idolize a famous hockey player? Have the celebration at an ice skating rink so she can practice her own moves on the ice.

Make a Birthday Cake
The last thing your kiddo wants to hear is that they've been eating too many sweets this season. Even if you have half a holiday pie in the refrigerator and enough cutout Christmas cookies to feed the neighborhood, your child still deserves his own birthday cake.

Whether you whip it up (with help from the kids), or order from a trusted bakery, focus the cake on the child's age or interests. Skip the seasonal candy canes or snowflakes as part of the design.

Avoid Gifting Holiday Items
Sure, it's thoughtful to have a custom embroidered Christmas stocking made for the child you love. But, don't give it for a birthday gift. Instead, present it on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning.

Birthday gifts should focus on their hobbies and educational development. Celebrate their achievements by wrapping presents that further their interests in music, sports, art, or cooking. Or, give them something completely indulgent, like a giant new teddy bear or a coveted game for their computer. And don't be stingy. Just because holiday gift giving is around the corner doesn't mean you should skimp on birthday presents. Put forth the same effort as you would for other family members' birthdays.

Every child should feel special on his birthday. Even though a holiday is approaching, don't take any shortcuts when it comes to making your kid feel loved and appreciated. After all, December birthdays are a chance to party even more during the cool winter months. Enjoy!

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