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Mouse Costume

Follow these simple directions to create a Mouse costume.

Mouse Costume

Time: About an hour

Effort: Fairly easy - little or no sewing required


  • Brown or black headband
  • Pink construction paper
  • Brown or gray construction paper
  • Brown or gray sweatpants and sweatshirt
  • Any kind of tiny shoes
  • Long, fuzzy fake tail (black, gray, or brown)
  • Safety pins, glue, needle and thread

Instructions: On a black or brown headband, glue brown or gray construction paper, cut into two circles. Then cut pink construction paper into smaller circles and glue them to the brown or gray circles. Then take a long fuzzy fake tail (black, gray, brown) and sew or safety pin it to the back of the sweatpants. Put your sweats on after everything's all sewed or glued on, and you're ready to go trick-or-treating!

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