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5 Unique Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Are you looking to spice up your Easter egg hunt this year? Get in the Easter spirit with one of these five cute and different ideas.
unique easter egg hunt ideas
Updated: December 1, 2022

Plastic eggs. Jelly beans. Wicker baskets. You're preparing for the same ho-hum Easter egg hunt yet again, aren't you? Put away the dusty tote of holiday supplies and start brainstorming some Easter egg hunt ideas that will turn the Easter Bunny into your kids' favorite holiday icon before they finish their first cream-filled chocolate egg of the season!

Impromptu Hunt for Breakfast

Who says you only get to do one Easter Egg hunt this year? Kick off the day with a hunt that's both unexpected and nourishing! Fill plastic eggs with your kids' favorite breakfast foods and have them find them on their way to the kitchen to eat. Dry cereal, grapes, strawberries, and clementines work well. In the last few eggs, closest to the kitchen, tuck a few mini pancake muffins (batter baked in a muffin tin) and sausage bites. Let the kids crack the plastic eggs over their breakfast bowls and dig in! You're in charge of the syrup, milk, and juice!

Make Cool Easter Baskets

After breakfast, channel your inner crafty parent. Give each kid a plain paper gift bag and have them draw an Easter picture with markers. They can create Easter eggs with stripes and polkadots or try drawing a cross adorned with flowers. Don't forget to help them add their names and the year. Once they're done, it's time for the main Easter Egg hunt to begin.

Color Code the Hunt

Does the egg hunt itself usually last 10 seconds? One of our favorite Easter egg hunt ideas is to tell each child they can only collect a specific color of egg. This is a fabulous memory exercise for young ones who've just learned their colors, and ensures each child gets the same number of eggs. Remind the kids that if they see an egg that isn't their color, they have to leave it be! Oh, the temptations!

Try New Egg Stuffers

If you usually fill your Easter eggs with candy and stickers, make healthier decisions this year and offer some sugar-less treats. Mix in temporary tattoos, plastic rings, hair accessories, bouncy balls, sidewalk chalk, and tiny toys. Inside one special egg, include a note with a riddle that leads to where a big Easter basket or a special Easter gift is hiding for them, then let them go hunting once more!

Document it All

Keep your camera handy for the day's festivities. In addition to action shots of the kids hunting, eating, and opening their eggs, wrap up with a playful photo shoot session with their handcrafted Easter basket bags and some added props, like oversize Easter bonnets, bunches of faux flowers, and stuffed bunnies. Let the kids make faces, pose, and act silly for the camera all they want. They'll love the spontaneity and you get some hilarious photo memories to cherish forever.

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