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31 Stocking Stuffers for Kids That They'll Actually Use (Under $10)

Do you want to find kids' stocking stuffers that aren't just candy? Here are 31 practical stocking stuffers for kids that they will actually use this year. The best part? They're all under $10.
31 Stocking Stuffers for Kids That They'll Actually Use (Under $10)
Updated: December 15, 2022
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One of the simple joys of being a parent is seeing the happiness on your child’s face when they open their gifts during the holidays. 

The flip side of this joyful experience is seeing piles of unused toys or trinkets lying around your house in the weeks afterward. One simple approach to avoid this holiday letdown is to choose gifts for kids and stocking stuffers for kids that they’ll actually use (more than once!). 

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We’ve done the searching for you and picked out a selection of 25+ of the best stocking stuffers for kids they’ll actually use – and all under $10 each.

Classic Stocking Stuffers for Kids 

1. Magnetic Travel Games

Magnetic Travel Games

If you have any trips planned this year with your kids, these magnetic travel games are a perfect and affordable stocking stuffer. A fun, easy way to get kids off their devices for at least part of a long trip. These magnetic mini-games come in dozens of varieties including chess, memory games, battlefleet, brainteasers, bingo, checkers, and more.

2. Lemon-Powered Clock

Lemon-Powered Clock

A fun stocking stuffer that is unique and educational! They do exist. This lemon-powered clock will keep kids figuring out how it works. This easy design will allow older kids to complete it on their own. Kids will be amazed at how this works.

  1. Joke Book

Joke Book

What child doesn’t love good knock-knock jokes? These clean, funny jokes will keep kids laughing and sharing them with their friends

Bonus: kids will willingly read this book without complaining. A great stocking stuffer that kids will use year-round.

4. Silly Putty

Silly Putty

Don’t we all remember playing with silly putty as a child? There are so many ways to play with it. Plus, it’s a great sensory item for kids who crave a tactile experience. This one is extra fun because will glow in the dark.

5. Spot It Game

Spot It Game

If you haven’t played this simple card game for kids, you are missing out. It’s a fun game that helps build quick reflexes, visual perception, and vocabulary skills. It’s been around for years but it’s still a winner with kids and parents.

6. Adjustable Jump Rope

Adjustable Jump Rope

A jump rope is a great stocking stuffer idea for kids who might be stuck in the house during the cold months. It’s a fun form of exercise that helps build motor skills. Those high-energy kids who love to move will enjoy this classic gift.

7. Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl Stickers

Stickers are making a big comeback among kids, even tweens and teens. They love to put them on their water bottles, computers, or backpacks. These big variety packs of stickers will keep kids supplied all year long.

8. Coloring Books

Coloring Books

Coloring books are another classic stocking stuffer that remains a great pick for kids of many ages. Little ones or older kids can both enjoy these simple but lovely coloring books.

9. Uno Card Game

Uno Card Game

You can’t go wrong with including the classic card game Uno in your child’s Christmas stocking. It’s still fun after all these years. Kids and parents will love playing and make memories during the holiday season and beyond.

Unique Kid Stocking Stuffers 

10. Noodlies


If your kids love squishy, stretchy, fidgety toys, this is the perfect stocking stuffer for them. These sensory-friendly toys can be stretched and squished to your heart’s content. These could also serve as a great stress-relieving tool for kids.

11. Personalized Name Crayons

Personalized Name Crayons

Most children love personalized items. To have something with your own name on it is so special for kids. These personalized name crayons are a unique way to add a personal touch to a stocking stuffer. Kids will love to create art with their very own personalized crayons.

12. Fidget Cube

Fidget Cube

New fidget toys seem to pop up every few months and they become so popular among kids. This unique fidget cube is super fun because there are almost infinite ways to configure it. Kids will love playing with this while waiting, in the car, or with friends. Plus, fidgeting with this cube can really help build kids’ fine motor skills.

13. Secret Decoder Book

Secret Decoder Book

This unique stocking stuffer will keep kids guessing and learning even as they have fun. Kids use the built-in decoder wheel along with their own deductive skills to solve secret codes throughout the book. This gift will definitely keep kids busy on Christmas morning and beyond.

14. Make Your Own Comic Book

Make Your Own Comic Book

Kids of many ages love comic books. With this unique gift, they can learn to make their own. This book provides a cool comic book design and kids use their imagination to fill in their own storyline. DIY comic book! It’s a great way to foster creativity, writing, and art skills.

15. Wind-up Flying Butterflies

Wind-up Flying Butterflies

Toy butterflies that really fly! Kids will be talking about these (and showing them to their friends) for months to come. These wind-up butterflies are lovely as they take flight indoors or out. Kids will be amazed at how just simple rubber bands and wings can create such a fun flying toy.

16. Creative Bookmarks

Creative Bookmarks

Whether you have a bookworm or a reluctant reader, these bookmarks will help make reading fun for kids. Kids love these cute emojis and they might even share them with their friends.

Food Stocking Stuffers for Kids 

17. Hot Chocolate Bombs

Hot Chocolate Bombs

What child doesn’t love a warm mug of hot chocolate on a cold winter day? With these clever hot chocolate bombs, making hot chocolate is just as fun as drinking it. These dissolve in hot water (or milk) to reveal marshmallows inside. A great addition to any Christmas stocking.

18. Flavoring Straw

Flavoring Straw

These flavoring straws are such a fun, novel idea! Kids can use them to sip their milk and the subtle flavor (chocolate, strawberry, etc.) is added as they drink. These could be a fun way to encourage kids to drink more milk.

19. Color-Changing Reusable Straws

Color-Changing Reusable Straws

These color-changing straws are another clever way kids can have fun with their beverages. They change color with the temperature of the drink. These straws are also reusable so kids can use them for years to come.

20. Shortbread Snowman

Shortbread Snowman

These shortbread cookies are a perfect little treat for any child’s stocking. They come in several festive shapes including snowmen, Christmas trees, holly leaves, and Santas. Any child would enjoy these cookies with a glass of milk.

21. Zollipops (sugar-free lollipops)

Zollipops (sugar-free lollipops)

A sugar-free lollipop that actually helps prevent tooth decay? It sounds too good to be true but these are real. These lollipops contain xylitol which helps neutralize the acid in a child’s mouth after meals which helps prevent tooth decay. Plus, they really do taste great.

Practical Stocking Stuffers for Kids 

22. Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs

Kids of all ages will love taking a bath with the addition of these fizzy bath bombs. These smell like coconut so kids will be dreaming of a day at the beach after their bath time. They also include essential oils to nourish the skin.

23. Fun Bandages

Fun Bandages

Kids get a lot of bumps, scratches, and bruises as they play. Having fun bandaids on hand is a must. Kids won’t mind getting their ouchies mended with these fun bandages. They come in a huge variety of patterns including monsters, creative colors, space, and even jellyfish.

24. Quick-Dry Paint Sticks

Quick-Dry Paint Sticks

Kids love being creative with their artwork but sometimes parents don’t like all the mess that’s involved. These quick-dry paint sticks are a win-win! Kids can be as creative as they’d like to be without making a mess. These are one of the best gifts for kids of all ages.

25. Fun Socks

Fun Socks

Make getting dressed each day a little more fun with these creative Christmas gifts. These food-themed socks are fun for kids to wear and show their friends at school. Pizza, pretzels, tacos...all kids’ favorite food are here.

26. Drawstring Backpack

Drawstring Backpack

 Whether your child plays sports or has after-school clubs, these easy drawstring backpacks for kids come in so handy for kids’ activities. They are lightweight and easy for kids to carry with just a few items like a snack, a water bottle, and a jacket. These come in all sorts of colors so you can pick your child’s favorite. Tweens just love these!

27. Cool Sunglasses

Cool Sunglasses

Cool sunglasses are a great gift idea since they are both practical and fun. Kids’ eyes need protection from the sun’s harmful rays and these sunglasses help them do it in style. An easy gift that can be used year-round.

28. Lip Balm

Lip Balm

Kids get chapped lips just like the rest of us but they may roll their eyes at the thought of using old-fashioned lip balm. These great-smelling lip balms are a fun solution. With scents like their favorite sodas, kids won’t mind using these to keep their lips soft during the dry months.

29. Color-Changing Nightlight

Color-Changing Nightlight

Many kids get scared of the dark but may not want a nightlight because it seems too “babyish.” This color-changing nightlight might change their mind. It slowly changes colors during the night and has adjustable brightness. A soothing light that can help kids feel comfortable going to sleep at night.

30. Battery-Powered Toothbrushes

Battery-Powered Toothbrushes

Some of the best stocking stuffer ideas are items that kids use often but need refreshing or made more fun. Toothbrushes fit this category. It’s easy to forget to replace them so holiday time is the perfect time to upgrade.

31. Mittens


Kids lose mittens and gloves so often during the winter months. The holidays are a perfect time to restock those basics to keep kids warm all season. These mittens are not only warm but have a handy zip entry that makes putting them on so much easier.


This year’s stocking stuffers for your kids don’t have to be trinkets that get tossed aside in a few days. Use this list of helpful Christmas gift ideas to fill your kids’ stockings with fun, practical and unique items they will use for the whole year.


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