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Find Hanukkah gift and craft ideas, plus activities and decorations for Hanukkah. Learn how to celebrate an interfaith holiday, discover the best Hanukkah books for your child, test your Hanukkah knowledge, and more!

8 Days of Hanukkah Gifts

So you have eight nights of gift giving to contend with, and don't even know where to begin? Here are our top gift ideas for Hanukkah this year. read more

A Hanukkah Book

This printable asks children to make a booklet full of Hanukkah pictures. read more

A Hanukkah Dreidel

This printable will show children how to make a dreidel and play the game. read more

All About Hanukkah

How much do you know about the celebration of Hanukkah? Take our quiz and find out. read more

Best Tablets for Kids

Looking for the perfect tablet for your technology-loving child? These nifty devices have tons of educational activities, games, books, and more to keep your curious little one busy for hours. read more

Build a Menorah

Build a MenorahA menorah consists of nine candles, one for each day of Hanukkah, and one, called the shammash, used to light the other candles.  Materials 9 empty thread spools Playdough Large birthday candles Aluminum foil (optional)Directions read more

Chocolate-Dipped Spoons

Chocolate-Dipped SpoonsAge: Preschool and upTime: An hour or more Type of activity: Arts and CraftsThese spoons are a real treat! read more

Colorful Coffee-Filter Holiday Ornaments

Colorful Coffee-Filter Holiday OrnamentsAge: Preschool through elementaryTime: 30 minutes or more Type of activity: Arts and Crafts read more

Decorative Dreidel Box

Decorative Dreidel Box You can make your own dreidel out of clay by following these simple instructions. The accompanying box will store and protect your dreidel from season to season. read more

Designer Dreidel

Designer Dreidel Holiday Hints Make several dreidel stained-glass ornaments to hang from each window, or string them together to make a garland. You might want to try making a Star of David design and alternating it with the dreidel. You can modify this project to fit any holiday theme by changing the symbol. Level: Easy Time involved: Half to one hour Materials: read more


DreidelDreidel is the name of both the small spinning top used to play this game and of the game itself. Follow these directions to make your own dreidel, then read on for some fun dreidel games.  Materials Small, square milk or juice carton Plain paper Tape Piece of 1/4-inch dowel or unsharpened pencil Pen or markerDirections read more

Dreidel Cut and Color

Print and color this Dreidel as a decoration for your Hanukkah celebration. read more

Dreidel Games for Preschoolers

Dreidel Games for PreschoolersMaterials Homemade or store-bought dreidel Pennies, dried beans, raisins, or other tokens for each playerDirections read more

Egg Carton Menorah

Egg Carton MenorahMaterials Empty egg carton Scissors Glue, tape, or stapler Blue and yellow tempera paint Q-Tips Directions read more

Handprint Menorah

Handprint MenorahMost one-year-olds will not sit still long enough for this activity, but most two- and three-year-olds will enjoy it. Materials White, yellow, and orange tempera paint Blue construction paper Directions read more

Handprint Menorah

Handprint Menorah Activity for an individual child Age group: 30-40 months Duration of activity: 15 minutes Materials: 1 sheet construction paper Blue tempera paint Yellow tempera paint 2 pie tins This activity is a great way to reinforce Jewish holiday traditions as well as introduce your child to counting concepts. read more

Hanukkah Apple Butter

Hanukkah Apple ButterOccurring for a full week in late December, Hanukkah celebrates the miracle of the finding of the oil. Latkes, potato pancakes, are traditional. You can certainly make your own or buy the frozen potato variety and serve them with your own homemade apple butter. The aroma of the bubbling applesauce will fill your home with a holiday tang. read more

Hanukkah Donuts

Hanukkah Donuts Popular in Israel at Hanukkah time are hole-less donuts, called Sufganiyot. This is my grandmother's recipe for fried and sugared doughnuts. When I was little, I sometimes got to help her make them. My job was to shake the doughnuts in a bag of sugar to coat them (and eat my fill of them in the process). It was a wonderful bonding experience, and I'll never forget how good they tasted—all warm and sugary. Try making these with your own kids or grandkids. read more

Hanukkah Holiday

This printable asks children to draw a picture that shows what Hanukkah means to them. read more

Holiday Books for All Faiths

These books are a wonderful way for kids to learn more about their own holiday celebrations or to discover how others celebrate during the winter season. To read a more detailed description of the books, or to write reviews of them, click on the titles. read more

Holiday Crayon Crackle

Holiday Crayon CrackleAn Imagination Station Activity from KinderArt Age: Elementary and upTime: 30 minutes or moreType of Activity: Art read more

Holiday Personality Quiz

What does your holiday behavior say about you? Take this quiz to find out! read more

Holiday Stress-Busters: Advice for Parents

Holiday Stress-Busters: Advice for Parents The holidays are right around the corner — are you having fun yet? If you are, Ann Vernon would be surprised. As a counseling professor at the University of Northern Iowa with her own private practice, Vernon hears from a lot of exhausted parents this time of year. She says, "Most are striving for the Currier and Ives Christmas of their childhood, but in reality they're dreading the holidays." How can you beat back the dread and have the family holiday of your dreams? read more

I Am a Dreidel

I Am a Dreidel Activity for an individual child Age group: 18-40 months Duration of activity: 5 minutes Your toddler will enjoy spinning her body like a dreidel. The song can be sung to the traditional dreidel tune or to "Row Row Row Your Boat." read more

iPod- and iPhone-Related Gifts for Kids

Looking for a gift for your iPod or iPhone obsessed child? Find the perfect iPhone/iPod case and accessories for kids of all ages, whether you're looking for holiday gifts and stocking stuffers or a graduation or birthday gift for your hard-to-please teen or tween. read more

Jewish Holidays

See how much you know about Jewish holidays with this quiz. read more

Luscious Latkes

Luscious Latkes No matter what your traditional holiday dinner menu dictates, you can't go wrong with these easy-to-make potato delicacies. Serve these hot with a side dish of homemade applesauce. Holiday Hints Make your own applesauce to complement your latkes. Just wash, peel, and core 2 to 3 pounds of tart baking apples. Cook over medium heat with about 1/3 cup water until tender. Mash with a potato masher and add sugar (approximately 1/2 cup or less) and cinnamon to taste. read more

Menorah Cut and Color

Print and color this Menorah as a decoration for your Hanukkah celebration. read more

Menorah Moments

Menorah Moments Children will delight in crafting this foam representation of a Hanukkah menorah. What makes this menorah even more special is the promise of a planned family activity that is written on each flame. read more

Menorahs, Mistletoe, and the Meaning of Holidays

Menorahs, Mistletoe, and the Meaning of HolidaysKids Can Get Confused The little boy was only four or five, out for a drive with his father. "What's that?" he asked, as they passed a synagogue. "That's a temple, where Jewish people go to pray," the father explained. "People who are Christian go to church." The boy thought for a minute, then said, "And people who are both don't go anywhere at all." read more