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3 Cute Hanukkah Crafts & Activities for Kids

Have some homemade Hanukkah fun with your kids this holiday season! Check out three kid-friendly crafts and DIY activities that children of all ages will enjoy.
girl lighting menorah
Updated: December 1, 2022

Make a Homemade Menorah

Instead of just lighting the candles of a store-bought menorah with your kids, create an opportunity to teach them about the menorah's meaning by making a homemade one together. Let your creativity shine and use whatever materials you like. Be sure to use a non-flammable materials and monitor your menorah while candles are burning, just in case. To create a menorah like the one pictured here, paint some recycled glass bottles with craft paint to make them look like crayons. Add colorful candles to turn a simple menorah into one that looks exciting and appealing to young children. Find other cool homemade menorah ideas on Pinterest. (Photo Source: Flickr/maplemama)

homemade Hanukkah cookies

Photo Source: Flickr/sweetsbyzoe

Bake Hanukkah Cookies

Nothing beats homemade Hanukkah goodies that you can eat! Buy a few holiday cookie cutters at your local craft supply store or online. Try not to worry about the mess that cookie making can bring -- you can always clean it up later and the memories you make with your kids in the kitchen will last a lifetime. After the baked cookies have cooled, set out different colors of frosting and sprinkles for your little ones to add their own decorative touches. Mmm... enjoy!

paper dreidel

Photo Source: Flickr/knittymarie

Create a DIY Dreidel

Playing dreidel games is a Hanukkah tradition, but you can make it even more fun and meaningful by creating your own homemade paper dreidel. Our printable dreidel template (complete with game instructions) makes it super easy! Print a template for each child, and cut out the design carefully. Older children can do this on their own, but younger need a little help and supervision with scissors. Allow your children to decorate the Hebrew symbols on each side of their dreidel using crayons, markers, or glitter glue. Once the decorations are dry, help your kids tape or glue the flaps together, and (optional) complete their dreidel with a bamboo skewer inserted in the top, point-side down. Time to get spinning!

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