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  • Arts and Crafts Printables
    Robin or Barn Swallow Nesting Shelf
    In this activity, children learn how to construct a nesting shelf for birds. ...
  • Halloween Printables
    Cornhusk Doll
    This medium-level project is great for creating a cornhusk doll for Halloween. ...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Cast Your Treasure in Plastic Resin
    Cast Your Treasure in Plastic Resin Handiwords A catalyst is a substance that causes or accelerates a chemical reaction without being permanently affected by the reaction. Crafty Clues When you're working with resin casting, make sure that you...
  • Arts and Crafts Printables
    Cross-Stitch Heart
    This easy project will help to improve your child's hand and eye coordination. ...
  • Arts and Crafts Printables
    Cut Starburst Mobile
    Children can create a starburst mobile with this fun and easy craft. ...
  • Halloween Printables
    Bat Puppet
    Gather the children and create a fun and spooky bat puppet for Halloween. ...
  • Drawing and Painting Printables
    Fill the Picture Frame
    The artist in you is calling. Use this picture frame to draw a family portrait. ...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Picture Frames
    How to Display Your Child's Crafts
    How to Display Your Child's Crafts Bonding Experiences A natural adjunct to crafting hobbies is photography. Get a quality camera and teach yourself and your child to take good pictures. Learn how to light crafts projects best and commit them to...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Birdhouses and Bird Feeders
    Build a Birdhouse
    Build a Birdhouse Crafty Clues When building birdhouses, one size definitely does NOT fit all. Know which birds are common to your area and find plans for a house that will suit the birds you wish to attract to your yard. Crafty Clues Paints, v...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Aquatic Art
    Aquatic Art Holiday Hassles Beta fish or Japanese fighting fish are aggressive fish that like to live alone. If you put two together in a bowl, they'll fight with each other. You can feed your fish prepared fish pellets from a pet shop, and giv...
  • 8 Epic Emoji-Themed Crafts, Activities & Recipes
    8 Epic Emoji-Themed Crafts, Activities & Recipes
    Are your kids obsessed with emoji? We've rounded up the best emoji crafts, activities, and treats found on Pinterest. Whether you're throwing an emoji-themed birthday party or simply want to have some (shhh... screen-free!) fun with kids, tweens...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Patriotic Activities
    Country Candleholders
    Country Candleholders Holiday Hints If you liked the look of the country candleholders, try making them with a different holiday theme. For example, you could make a summer theme by using ivy or flower stencils, a Christmas theme using red and ...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Earth Day Activities and Crafts
    For the Birds
    For the Birds Feed Mother Nature's birds by recycling trash into a bird feeder. Be sure to have your binoculars and bird identification book handy when you put up your feeder. You might want to encourage the kids to keep a diary of the birds tha...
  • Homemade Bulletin Board Activity for Kids
    Clothespin Hang-Ups
    Clothespin Hang-Ups Materials Poster board Spring-type wooden clothespins Paints and paintbrushes Glue Yarn Hole punch Directions Cover work area with newspapers. Mix paints and pour into muffin pans or paper cups. Punch holes in upper corne...
  • Tree Feeder Nature Activity for Kids
    Birdhouses and Bird Feeders
    Tree Feeder
    Tree FeederMaterials Berries, seeds, raisins, apples Popped popcorn String Fabric strips Needle Thread Directions Find a tree about your size in your yard (Christmas type trees work well). String the popcorn, berries, seeds, raisins, and apple pi...
  • Picture Magnets Activity for Kids
    Picture Magnets
    Picture MagnetsMaterials Magnetic tape (found at office supply or craft stores) White unlined index cards Markers, paints, crayons Photographs, magazine pictures and words Directions Cut the index card in the shape of the magnet. Look at the p...
  • Mitten Beanbag Craft for Kids
    Beanbag Buddies
    Beanbag BuddiesMaterials Old mitten Felt and fabric pieces Glue (for attaching fabric) Dried beans or rice Directions Decorate mitten with cutout shapes from felt and fabric pieces. Mitten can be made to look like an animal, person, or abstrac...
  • 3-D Picture Frame Activity for Kids
    Picture Frames
    3-D Picture Frame
    3-D Picture FrameMaterials Paper grocery bag Coat hanger 9" x 12" photo of child or other family member (could also use a piece of your child's artwork) Directions Turn paper bag upside down. Cut a square or round opening in the bag about a foo...