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Holiday Gift Guide: 15 Gift Ideas for New Moms or Moms-to-Be

When thinking of meaningful gifts for new or expecting parents, be intentional. What do parents really need? This list has a little something for every new parent out there.
gift ideas for new moms
Updated: September 8, 2023
Fact checked by  HeHe Stewart

Editor’s Note: We know raising kids can be hard. That’s why we’re dedicated to making your life easier with the latest and greatest parenting advice and products. We wanted to let you know that if you chose to purchase one of the items featured in this post, we may receive a small commission for it.

Gift giving can be hard, but it makes it even more challenging when someone is in a very specific category or place in their life. Let’s say an expectant mom!

Now-a-days, I feel like you can literally give anything as a gift. Between worldwide shipping, online shopping, and gift certificates, anything is possible. When thinking of meaningful gifts for new or expecting parents, be intentional. Think about what do parents really need?

Here’s to hoping this list gives you some inspiration to indulge the women in your life and give a gift that will light up their face!

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This gift is great for everyone. It’s reasonably priced, it’s meaningful, it has immediate relief, and it caters to improving parental mental health. Buying someone a package that allows them to go a few times or for a specific amount of times/visits can provide lasting results. This is a great way to intentionally carve out one-hour of self-care time for those you love.

Spa Day

spa day for mom to be

This is the perfect gift for a close mama friend or girlfriend. A spa day is rarely an entire day, but it usually includes visits to the sauna, massages, facials, hot tubs, showers, and complimentary refreshments. It will allow parents to escape parenthood briefly, relax for a few fours, and hit reset.

Sleep/Postpartum Support Services

This gift is best for parents who have young children or expectant mothers who will likely need this at some point down the line. Having one night to sleep without interruption can mean the world. Doulas and night nurses now offer gift certificates to give to your loved ones. Doulas and night nurses are professionals trained in infant care who will come to your home to take care of your child. They spend the night in your home to provide you with a full night’s rest. Who wouldn’t want the gift of sleep?

Get it here.


This one is more for spouses or grandparents to give as gifts. Giving your spouse a trip is a wonderful way to escape together and hit reset as a couple and as parents. I often hear of grandparents who give this to their children and take care of the grandchildren while the parents are vacationing. A trip can be a weekend away or as extensive as a trip to another country or a cruise.

The Echo Show

amazon echo show

This is the perfect gift for a daughter or daughter-in-law. The Echo is a great way to connect grandparents to grandchildren because of its’ large screen and very clear imaging. It is basically a bigger version of Facetime that sits on your countertop.

Get it here.


This is a gift made by Santa himself for the on-the-go mom! This canopy-like device connects to the bottom of your child’s car seat to the headrest of the front seats. When the tiny human drops their sippy cup or throws their toy, it will be within arms reach. It is also a seat protector for your car and helps catch crumbs before they make it to the floor mats and under the seat.

Get it here.

Baby Food Maker

mom making baby food

This hits all the check marks for the crunchy mom! Have fun experimenting and combining various foods for your babe with this Baby Bullet. Bonus gift: this handy microwave steamer to steam all of the fruits and veggies first.

Get the Baby Bullet here and the Microwave Steamer here.

Something Practical

This practical Travel Wrap is perfect for the neighbor that you know well enough to get a gift, but not well enough to get her slippers. Boston Stylist and Founder of H.Grant Style, Helena Grant, recommends this piece because of its’ versatility and high quality! Helena says it’s the first thing she grabs when she travels with her daughter and has been for years. Check out more fun pieces for expecting parents here!

Get it here.

Amazon Prime Membership

amazon prime delivery

This is perfect for that mom that has everything! Amazon Prime has become a staple in many households! The two-day shipping has saved many a tears and cut tons of tantrums down to only 48 hours! I recommend this to every client as an item for their baby registry.

Yoni Egg

This is perfect for that one free-spirited friend. You know the one that uses breastmilk and essential oils to treat the common cold and congestion. These eggs are for your lady-bits. They are made of stone and carry specific healing energies and properties. For the more data-driven folks, these eggs are a great way to connect with and gently train your pelvic floor after a baby.

Get it here.

A Wrap Carrier

mom wearing baby wrap carrier in gray

Young babies, especially newborns, can benefit from being worn in a carrier, but must only be warm facing in (toward your body) to avoid damage to their hips and knees. Babywearing provides bonding between parent and child while simultaneously freeing up mom’s hands to do other things. Babywearing has many other benefits like soothing the sensory system of the little one and providing pain relief to newly postpartum moms who are still healing from birth. This is a carrier that can be used well into the first year of life and can be used to front wear or back wear.

Get it here.

Relaxation Station

This gift was designed with the over-scheduled mom in mind. Moroccan Magic is certified organic lip balm infused with Argan oil! This can be used by pregnant moms and nursing moms alike. Adding to the relaxation, don’t forget this body butter!

Get the lip balm hereand body butter here.

Rosebud CBD

cbd oil in dropper

CBD oil is all the rage these days and this is an amazing gift for the crunchy, but anxious mom. There are many known benefits and Rosebud has made an incredible product! This CBD tincture is odorless and tasteless. It comes with dosing guides and they offer three strengths to accommodate all levels of CBD users.

Get it here.

Pregnancy Pillow

pregnancy pillow

A pregnancy pillowis the perfect gift for any expectant parent who values sleep! This pillow will be a game-changer and help mom get some extra sleep! If this doesn’t tickle your fancy, you may want to try a wedge pillow like this one.

Get the pregnancy pillow here and the wedge pillow here.

Portable Diaper Changing Pad

This is the perfect “catch-all” gift for any expectant parent! One of the most challenging things as a parent is to find a clean and safe space appropriate to change your child’s diaper. During your years of changing diapers, you will be shocked at how many places are not suitable for changing your tiny human’s diaper. This portable diaper changing is lightweight, flexible, and has lots of storage!

Get it here.

Treat the moms in your life like queens this holiday season!

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