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  • How to Make a Holiday Wreath Ornament
    December Holidays
    How to Make a Holiday Wreath Ornament
  • Christmas Albums
    Entertainment and Activities
    top 10 christmas music albums for families
    A Charlie Brown Christmas – The Vince Guaraldi Trio Visions of Peanuts characters will dance in your head as soon as you hear the first few jazzy notes of this must-have Christmas album. The album is a soundtrack to the 1965 Charlie Brown Ch...
    Erin Dower and FEN Staff
  • 12 Days of Fun and Cheap Christmas Activities
    Christmas Activities and Traditions
    12 Days of Fun (and Cheap!) Christmas Activities for Families
    Looking to start some simple yet heartwarming Christmas traditions with your children? These kid-friendly indoor and outdoor activities for all ages will help your family bond over the holidays — without breaking the bank. Also, print our Chris...
    Erin Dower
  • Our Favorite Holiday Cookies
    December Holidays
    Staff Favorites: The Best Holiday Cookie Recipes
    With holiday parties and cookie swaps looming in the forecast, it's time to make sure your arsenal of cookie recipes is complete and up-to-date. Check out our staff's favorite cookie recipes to fill any holes in your baking line-up. Ginger Snaps...
  • The Best 2017 Holiday Movies
    Holiday Movies
    The Top 10 Family Movies for the 2017 Holiday Season
    It's finally here! The holiday movie season is upon us, and Hollywood has not disappointed. From super-heroes to the first Christmas in Bethlehem, there's something for every family headed to the movies this month. Check out these upcoming movies...
    Kelly Sundstrom
  • child with huge Christmas stocking
    Entertainment and Activities
    7 Cutest Christmas Stockings for Kids
    Looking for adorable Christmas stockings for all your little elves? Take a peek at these fun stocking options for boys and girls of all ages and interests! ...
    Angela Tague
  • Christmas Printables
    Twelve Days of Christmas
    Learn the history and lyrics for the Christmas song Twelve Days of Christmas. ...
  • Toy Finder
    Toy Finder
    Toy Finder
    Find our top picks for the best toys of the year!
    familyeducation editors
  • mother and child Facetime using tablet on Christmas
    Entertainment and Activities
    5 Tips for Celebrating the Holidays with Faraway Family Members
    1. Behold the Power of Facetime/Skype Let’s face it: Sometimes a big trip during the bustling holiday season just isn’t feasible with little ones. If a plane or car ride isn't an option, technology is the next best thing. Set up a time to Sk...
    Courtney Key
  • teens volunteering in soup kitchen
    Family Life
    Community Service Ideas for Kids of All Ages (for the Holiday Season and Beyond)
    Preschoolers Even your littlest ones can get involved with their community with your help. When you teach your preschoolers the importance of helping others, you're getting them started on the road to kind habits that will last a lifetime. Here ...
    Colleen Hughes
  • Christmas Activities Printables
    Pin the Star on the Christmas Tree
    Print this fun Christmas game to play with your ! Hang the picture of the tree (page 1) on the wall, and cut out the stars (page 2) for players to pin on the tree, like the classic game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. ...
  • Winter Holiday Trivia
    History of Christmas
    Seasonal Fun Facts
    Seasonal Fun FactsExpand your holiday trivia knowledge with these interesting tidbits from past and recent history. New Year's Ball Holiday Past The original ball lowered in Times Square on New Year's Eve back in 1907 was made of iron and wood an...
  • Christmas Activities Printables
    Christmas Fun Checklist
    Make the most of the holiday season and spend some special moments with your family. Print this list of festive activities to hang on your fridge, and check them off as you go along. ...
  • Christmas Printables
    Printable Santa Wish List
    Print off this wish list so kids can write to Santa Claus and tell him what they really want for Christmas this year. ...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Christmas Activities and Traditions
    Christmas Customs Around the World
    Test your knowledge of Christmas customs from around the world. ...
    Ann-Marie Imbornoni
  • Trolls 2016 movie
    Holiday Movies
    Top Family Movies for the 2016 Holiday Season
    The holidays can be a hectic time. Relax and have fun with your family by seeing this year's top family movies in the theaters for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Learn the release dates and ratings of the season's best films for kids of all ages. ...
    Erin Dower
  • Book Finder
    Book Finder
    Book Finder
    Find our top picks for the best books of the year!
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    Christmas Activities and Traditions
    Ho! Ho! Ho! The History of Christmas
    Although in modern times Christmas is one of the most widely celebrated holidays in the world, it was not observed by early Christians. Christmas was added to the church calendar as a feast day in the fourth century. Since that time, Christmas ha...
    Liz Olson