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Christmas Activities and Traditions

Unwrap some holiday fun for your whole family! Find ideas for creating special traditions that you and your children can enjoy year after year.

7 Cutest Christmas Stockings for Kids

Looking for adorable Christmas stockings for all your little elves? Take a peek at these fun stocking options for boys and girls of all ages and interests! read more

All About Santa

How much do you really know about Mr. Claus? Take our quiz and find out! read more

And to All a Good Night

Connect the dots to discover an excellent way to relax after a Christmas party. read more

Believing in Santa

How do you know when it's the right time to break the news that Santa isn't real? read more

Celebrating Holidays

Answer these questions to learn what traditions everyone in your family cherishes. Find out how to compromise with your in-laws to make everyone's holiday a happy one. read more

Christmas Carol Collection

This festive Christmas Carol Collection is an exclusive giveaway that is ready to print and use for FREE -- our gift to you! Here you'll find a collection of lyrics to the season's most popular holiday songs and Christmas carols. Print it out now and start spreading holiday cheer by caroling with friends! Due to the graphics in this PDF, it may take several minutes to download the file. read more

Christmas Characters

See if you can recognize any of your favorite Christmas characters in this holiday crossword puzzle. read more

Christmas Customs Around the World

Test your knowledge of Christmas customs from around the world. read more

Christmas Fun Checklist

Make the most of the holiday season and spend some special moments with your family. Print this list of festive activities to hang on your fridge, and check them off as you go along. read more

Christmas Origins

Do you think you are a whiz at the history of Christmas? Take our quiz and find out. read more

Christmas Word Puzzles

See if your kids can figure out these Christmas rhyming and word search puzzles. read more

Christmas: Old Traditions Are New Again

Christmas: Old Traditions Are New Again It's fun to read about Christmas in times past and learn about old-fashioned traditions. The thought of a tree lighted exclusively with real candles sounds dreamy, even if it's more than a little impractical and even downright dangerous. The nice thing is that today we can pick and choose which traditions fit into our lifestyle. We can make them a priority and gear our crafting accordingly. read more

Community Service Ideas for Kids of All Ages (for the Holiday Season and Beyond)

Preschoolers Even your littlest ones can get involved with their community with your help. When you teach your preschoolers the importance of helping others, you're getting them started on the road to kind habits that will last a lifetime. Here are some community service ideas that you and your youngsters can do together this holiday season: read more

Countdown to Christmas

Countdown to Christmas With this Christmas calendar, you and your loved ones can enjoy the daily surprises under each door. Melissa LeBon, of Mountaintop, Pennsylvania, designed this clever house-shaped Advent calendar to count down the days to Christmas. Level: Moderately easy Time involved: Two to three hours Materials: read more

Creating Christmas Traditions

Creating Christmas Traditions For kids and adults alike, a sense of continuity over the years can bring even more joy and warmth to the Christmas holiday season. You probably already have some traditions that you associate with Christmas. Share these with your kids, but try to create new ones just for them. Here are some ideas. read more

December Multicultural Customs

This printable asks children to research multicultural December holidays and compare them with American holidays. read more

Deck the Halls

Learn the history and lyrics for the Christmas song Deck the Halls. read more

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Learn the history and lyrics for the Christmas song Do You Hear What I Hear?. read more

Don't Throw Out That Christmas Tree!

Don't Throw Out That Christmas Tree!I finally solved my love/hate relationship with my Christmas tree. The dilemma: I love having a decorated Christmas tree in the house, but I hate to toss the tree in the landfill when the holiday is over. The solution: Recycle it. Pass it down the food chain by making a tree for your friendly, neighborhood birds. read more

Evergreen Word Puzzle

This printable activity will have kids working on compound words with a holiday theme. read more

Family Photos

This holiday printable challenges your kids to match relatives together. read more

Five Worst Christmas Movies of All Time

If you don't want coals in your stocking on Christmas morning, stay away from these holiday duds. read more

Frosty the Snowman

Learn the history and lyrics for the Christmas song Frosty the Snowman. read more

Getting Groceries

Help mom finish her Christmas baking by finding all of the necessary ingredients in this word search. read more

Gift Giving

This printable will get kids into the Christmas spirit of giving gifts. read more

Good Tidings of Great Joy

Cut out the pictures and place them in the correct places to solve this Christmas puzzle. read more

Hark! the Herald Angels Sing

Learn the history and lyrics for the Christmas song Hark! the Herald Angels Sing. read more

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

Learn the history and lyrics for the Christmas song Have a Holly Jolly Christmas. read more

Here Comes Santa Claus

Learn the history and lyrics for the Christmas song Here Comes Santa Claus. read more