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75 of the Best Elf on the Shelf Names

Inspired by classic Christmas movies to festive decorations and mouth-watering foods, these Elf on the Shelf names are sure to be a hit.
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Updated: December 1, 2022

If there is a more magical time of the year, it’s the Christmas season. The lights, music, and cuisine bring the nostalgia of old and new traditions. At last, some cheer for a long and arduous year: the tree is decorated, the nativity scene is displayed, you’ve turned on the twinkling lights of your little village, and prepared your ingredients for baking. The stockings are hung by the chimney with care, and the smell of pine and hot apple cider permeate the air.

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Ah, but wait! What is this little thing that appears seemingly out of nowhere? Something with wide, mischievous eyes, a tiny, perfect smile, and a dainty Santa hat. If you are part of a family that is lucky enough to be chosen by an Elf on the Shelf, then you must now prepare yourselves for having more vibrant, exciting, and often troublesome Christmas seasons!

But before your new elven friend from the North Pole can start practicing merry, silly antics, he or she must have a name! And, as we all know, names are very important for bestowing personalities and attracting jolly memories. So, before you get your stockings in a twirl, we’ve provided you with 75 of the best Elf on the Shelf names, from classic Christmas movies to festive decorations and mouth-watering foods, your new Christmas addition will be pleasantly pleased with one (or more!) of these choices.

Girl Elf on the Shelf Names

  1. Holly
  2. Carol
  3. Stella
  4. Noelle (female for Noel)
  5. Merry
  6. Candy
  7. Faith
  8. Angel
  9. Beth (short for Bethlehem)
  10. Belle (or Jingle Belle)
  11. Olive (Rudolph’s friend)
  12. Ginger
  13. Betty Lou Who (from the Grinch)
  14. Glitter
  15. Dove (from Two Turtle Doves)
  16. Elva (elvish name meaning ‘a friend’)
  17. Tinkerbell
  18. Crystal (for the elves in The Dark Crystal)
  19. Arwen (from Lord of the Rings)
  20. Skittles
  21. Snowangel
  22. Daisy
  23. Cinnamon
  24. Ellie (for Elf)

Boy Elf on the Shelf Names

  1. Klaus
  2. Rudolph
  3. Comet
  4. Fudge
  5. Frosty
  6. Yule
  7. Jack Frost
  8. Buddy (from Elf)
  9. Ralphie (from A Christmas Story)
  10. Blizzard
  11. ‘Neezer (short for Ebenezer)
  12. Grinchy
  13. Charlie Brown (from A Charlie Brown Christmas)
  14. Boots
  15. Nico (short for Nicholas)
  16. Hermey (the elf in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer)
  17. Keebler (from the Keebler cookie elves)
  18. Dobby (from Harry Potter)
  19. Peter Pan
  20. Honeythorn Gump (from 1985’s Legend movie)
  21. Elv-is Present-ley
  22. Elfie (for Elf)
  23. Grogu (the Child’s name in The Mandalorian)
  24. Coal

Gender-Neutral Elf on the Shelf Names

These names keep it super simple since many kids may not be too concerned about whether or not their elf is a boy or a girl. If you’d prefer to nominate a gender-neutral approach, then the world is your oyster, and you’ll notice that many of these names are derived from delicious Christmas treats!

  1. Snowflake
  2. Sugarplum
  3. Mistletoe
  4. Fruitcake
  5. Lollipop
  6. Tinsel
  7. Winter
  8. Miracle
  9. Sprinkles
  10. Pancake
  11. Figgy Puddin’
  12. Carrots
  13. Elvie
  14. Happy
  15. Trouble
  16. Cookie
  17. Pickles
  18. SnapCracklePop (from Rice Krispies cereal)
  19. Waffles
  20. Marshmallow

Dynamic Duo Elves on the Shelf Names

Many families have chosen to include two (sometimes more!) elves into the family Christmas tradition. If you’re prepared to have a dynamic duo of t-r-o-u-b-l-e, then consider giving them names that reflect similar personalities or subjects. Here are seven to help kickstart your imagination:

  1. Tooty & Fruity
  2. Jingle & Jangle
  3. Buttercup & Snowcream
  4. Hershey & Kisses
  5. Eggnog & Candy Cane
  6. Christy & Claus (short for Christmas and Santa Claus)
  7. Link & Zelda (from The Legend of Zelda)

Now, there’s no excuse to not have a fun, Christmas-spirited Elf on the Shelf name. No need to consult an Elf Name-Generator! This list is sure to give you inspiration for your search and to continue a Christmas tradition that will no doubt last you and your family an entire lifetime. Good luck on your elven journey, and may the Christmas spirit be with you!

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