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Rollercoaster Risks: Real or Imaginary?

Rollercoaster Risks: Real or Imaginary?Can G-Force Cause Brain Injury? It's a summer thrill and a family tradition: Each year Anita A. and her 16-year-old daughter trek to amusement parks near their home in Massachusetts or while vacationing in Florida. They are not about to let the latest headlines chase them off the new generation of mega-coasters, despite renewed concerns about the risk of brain injuries. read more

Safety at Amusement and Theme Parks

Safety at Amusement and Theme Parks Safety Savvy Some families bring their own baby-sitter on vacation. A teenager your kids already know might be happy to have a week at the beach, for example, in exchange for watching your kids for a few hours each afternoon or evening. read more

Top 10 Amusement Park Attractions

Nothing says excitement like a top-tier amusement park ride. Hit the road with your family and enjoy some of these great attractions. read more