Top 10 Gifts for Twin Babies

Updated: February 12, 2020
Looking for a baby shower gift for twins? Every expectant parent seeing double needs these fantastic finds.
Top 10 Baby Shower Gifts for Twins

Do you have a friend or family member expecting twins? Or maybe you have a couple of buns in the oven! These top gifts for twin babies will help the mama-to-be feel ready for the new arrivals.

Diaper Bag for Two

Best baby shower gifts for twins

Photo source: Skip Hop

Not all diaper bags are created equal, and when you have to pack for two, a lot of bags just don't seem to have enough space. Not so with the Skip Hop Duo Double, which features tons of pockets (16!), magnetic closures, and can attach easily to a double stroller. Purchase one for $85 at Skip Hop.

Twin-Sized Baby Carrier or Sling

Baby shower gifts for twins - twins baby carrier

Photo source: Mommy Nearest

Just because you have twins doesn't mean you can't practice Attachment Parenting. You can wear your dynamic duo comfortably with a twin-sized baby carrier, like this one from Weego. It has room for two and can hold twins up to six months old. Purchase for $169 at Weego.

Nursing Pillow for Twins

Best baby shower gifts for twins - nursing pillow

Photo source: Twin Z Nursing Pillows

If you plan on breastfeeding, at some point you'll probably need to nurse both of your babies at once. The Twin Z Nursing Pillow will make this feat seem easy as pie, which provides security and comfort for your babies while supporting your back. Purchase one for $99.99 at Twin Z Nursing Pillows.

Twin Jogging Stroller

Best baby shower gifts for twins - twin jogging stroller

Photo source: Amazon

Outings will be a breeze with a well-made running stroller built for two. The City Mini GT Double Stroller features 85" all-terrain, non-flat tires, front wheel suspension, adjustable sun canopies, an adjustable handlebar, and vented seat tops. Purchase one for $579.99 at Amazon.

Large Tranquilo Mat

Best baby shower gifts for twins - tranquilo mat

Photo source: Tranquilo Soothing Mat

Anyone who has ever had twins knows that once one starts crying, they both start crying. However, you can soothe your babies like magic with a Tranquilo Mat. This vibrating mat will instantly calm your babies, and can fold up easily and carried in a diaper bag. Purchase one for $99.99 at Tranquilo Soothing Mat.

Hilarious Twin Onsies

Best baby shower gifts for twins - funny onesies

Photo source: Live Free Creative

Nothing looks cuter than dressing your new twins in coordinating onsies, especially when they feature witty statements. Find similar onsies on Etsy for around $26 for the set.

A Jumperoo (or Two!)

Best baby shower gifts for twins - Jumperoo for two

Photo source: Amazon

When your twin babies need a little stimulation (and when you need a little down time), set up a couple of Jumperoos. These irreplaceable activity stations allow your babies to bounce, play, and entertain themselves unassisted. Purchase one (or two) for $59.79 (each) on Amazon.

Help Yourself Feeding Tray for Twins

Best baby shower gifts for twins - feeding tray

Photo source: Trends in Twos

Once your little ones start eating solid food, you'll definitely want to get yourself this handy feeding tray. With a palette-like hole in the middle for your thumb and multiple compartments for baby food, the Help Yourself Feeding Tray for Twins has it all. Purchase one for $18.99 at Trends in Twos.

Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammocks

Best baby shower gifts for twins - shopping cart hammock

Photo source: Binxy Baby

Don't think you need to leave your little ones home so that you can go grocery shopping, just purchase a couple of these Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammocks. These cleverly designed hammocks keep your twin babies secure on top of the shopping cart, while leaving the cart free to hold your food items. Purchase two for $49.95 each at Binxy Baby.

Itzbeen Pocket Nanny Twin Pack

Best baby shower gifts for twins - Itzbeen pocket nanny twin pack

Poto source: Itzbeen

Never lose track of feeding schedules and diaper changes again with the Itzbeen Pocket Nanny Twin Pack. This handy baby care timer will help you keep track of all your babies' needs, and will help you maintain your sanity. Purchase the set for $40.99 at Itzbeen.

Cribs for multiples: one, two, or more? When it comes to gifts for twin babies, always find out before you buy!