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My Kid Wants to Be a YouTuber: Is it Safe and Smart?

How to help your kids become a YouTuber and make videos while keeping them safe online with Wondershare.
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Updated: February 21, 2024

Editor’s Note: This article contains sponsored content

From how we consume online content to the role models young children look up to, social media has changed the way we live. For instance, instead of becoming a doctor or a firefighter, many kids now aspire to be content creators on TikTok or social media influencers, many of whom are now becoming more famous than rock stars and NBA players. 

After launching in 2005, YouTube has become a well-known platform with online videos that now has over 2 billion users commonly known as vloggers (video bloggers) or YouTubers. So, whether kids are interested in gaming, beauty, or music, there’s a YouTube video for it, and more specifically, a YouTube star behind that popular channel. 

So, what do you do if your child wants to create their own YouTube videos? First, you need to teach them good digital habits. Learn how companies like empower kids to create video content while staying safe online.[1][2]

We’re diving into the most popular questions, so you have everything you need to make the best decision for your family. 

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Is YouTube Safe?

The safety of YouTube is a topic of debate. While the platform strives to provide a safe environment for users by recording and storing a lot of data about its users, privacy concerns remain.[3]

When it comes to YouTube Kids, there are mixed opinions. Some believe that the platform is generally safe due to its tiered parental controls, which restrict access based on age. On the other hand, some argue that inappropriate content can still slip through unnoticed, urging parents and guardians to be vigilant.

Is it Safe for Kids to Be on YouTube?

With the right privacy settings, parental controls, and supervision, it can be safe for kids to use YouTube. However, parents always need to be proactive in monitoring activity and having open communication. Luckily, there are a ton of parental control apps that make it easy to keep kids safe. 

Best Parental Control Apps to Monitor Kids’ Online Activity

Famisafe parental control and online safety app

One of the best safeguards for parents and kids looking to become YouTubers is . Giving a child access to the internet is scary, but Famisafe helps kids develop good habits and avoid the dangers online. 

Using a computer or smartphone, parents can monitor screen time hours, set time limits, block harmful videos on YouTube, see kids’ TikTok history, and receive an activity report of every movement. For parents concerned about their kids seeing inappropriate content, this app can detect toxic messages on any social media app and blur or delete explicit content. Plus, it also features a location tracker with real-time location, and location history, and allows children to see a parent's location to find you in an emergency.

What Do I Do if My Child Wants to Be a YouTuber?

girl filming makeup tutorial for YouTube

First of all, it’s perfectly normal if your child has expressed interest in becoming a YouTuber. In fact, Earth Web reports that 75% of kids between the ages of 6 and 17 want to become YouTubers, while 50% of millennials say they “have been encouraged and felt inspired by their most-watched YouTubers to personally change something about their lives.”[4]

Of course, it’s also reasonable to be wary of new technology, letting your kids create YouTube content or the amount of screen time a YouTube account involves. But instead of saying no, having a conversation can be an excellent learning experience for parents and children, starting with the following three points.

1. Ask Questions

Before starting the process, ask your child why they want to become a YouTuber and find out if it is a serious hobby. While YouTubers and influencers are celebrities in their own right, many kids don’t care about making money or becoming famous. 

The number one reason kids want to create YouTube content is to be creative and support their passion. Here are a few other questions to ask your child to get to know their ideas and dreams:

  • What are your favorite YouTubers?

  • What kind of videos do you want to create?

  • How much time are you hoping to dedicate to your YouTube channel?

2. Discuss the Risks

girl texting

Before going any further in the process, it’s essential to discuss the risks of kids posting content online and decide together if your child thinks they’re emotionally and mentally mature enough to become a YouTuber.

  • Inappropriate Content: The biggest concern parents have when kids want to create their own account is inappropriate or explicit content, including swear words, sexual behavior, violence, and more. Luckily, there are various parental control apps to monitor kids’ online activity and keep them safe.

  • Cyber Bullying: The comment section on any social media platform is known to be a dangerous place, including inappropriate words, sexual content, and hateful comments that can damage a kid’s emotional and mental health. It may be worth disabling comments to start and turn them back off later if you think it’s appropriate. 

  • Misinformation: If kids are making videos, they’re also likely watching online content. The internet is full of misinformation like fake news or challenge videos that can be harmful to kids.

3. Make a Plan

Making a plan will not only help your family and child be prepared but also show them a glimpse of the amount of work it takes to be a YouTuber. So, are they a gamer who wants to create video game content, a beauty lover who wants to do makeup tutorials, or are you making a family vlog? 

To avoid conflicts later on, you should also discuss the type of content that isn’t allowed and how often it is okay to work on content.

Can Kids Make Their Own Vlogs or YouTube Videos?

filming cooking tutorial with son

Yes and no. The first hurdle is your child’s age. To create an account, users must be at least 13 years old, and parental permission is required for all kids up to 17 years old. However, this may vary from country to country.

So for kids under 13, parents will need to create a Google account for them using a computer, smartphone, or Family Link app and enable parental control. You can also use the YouTube Kids app, which has more filters to ensure all content is age-appropriate. 

Create YouTube Channel for Kid (As a Parent)

Creating quality content and putting it together on a child’s YouTube isn’t as easy or quick as it seems. For example, a 10-minute video could require hours of filming and editing. So, kids will likely need help getting the proper equipment to film, whether that’s a cell phone or video camera, as well as learning how to use video editing platforms. 

One simple-to-use desktop video editor is , which can teach kids valuable editing skills. While it’s highly intuitive for new users, it creates professional quality videos for experienced users with a plethora of features, including motion tracking, speed ramping, split screen, and green screen. 

wondershare filmora

It also has an exclusive asset library that includes trendy effects, templates, and more. With kids returning to school, it’s an excellent program for the entire family to learn and create fun vlogs documenting life's ups and downs. Plus, you’ll also have access to , which is the mobile version that allows users to create content on the go.

Wondershare video editing and online safety software

Your Kids and YouTube

When considering whether to allow your child to have a YouTube channel, it is essential to weigh the potential educational benefits and opportunities for creativity against the responsibilities and risks associated with being an online content creator. Promoting digital literacy and teaching children about internet safety, privacy, and the importance of setting boundaries can be invaluable life lessons. However, close supervision and clear guidelines should be established to ensure a safe and positive experience.

In conclusion, a "safe YouTube" experience for your child is attainable with the right knowledge and tools. By staying involved and communicating openly, you can help guide your child through the exciting yet complex world of content creation and consumption on YouTube.

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