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75 Princess Names for Girls That Shine

Discover enchanting princess names for girls that sparkle with magic and charm, perfect for your little royal. Explore unique and beautiful choices that stand out!
Princess girl names
Updated: May 1, 2024

For many parents, naming their child means exploring the universe of names with due care and reverence. A name has the power to shape her sense of self, influence her character, and, some might say, even whisper a destiny.  And what could be more enchanting than a princess name for your little royal highness?

Bearing a princess name is more than a legacy; it's an incantation of aspirations, a waypoint for a world of adventures. Your daughter's name will roll off your tongue like poetry, take root in her spirit, and blossom into the anthem of her identity. Whether you are an expectant parent reveling in the world of possibilities or a name enthusiast seeking inspiration, this post is a trove of treasure—keep reading to explore 75 princess names for the girl who's soon to dazzle the world.

Princess Name Gems for Girls

Princess girl names

Each princess name listed below is a glittering jewel, stand-alone, and rich with its story of grace or strength, magic or wisdom. Delve into this list with an open heart and mind, as you are bound to find a name sprinkled with the stardust of your dreams for your little one.


  1. Adalyn - From English, "noble," signifies an aristocratic and honorable character.
  2. Adara - From Hebrew, "noble, exalted," represents someone held in high regard and respect.
  3. Alessandra - From Italian, "defender of mankind," embodies the protector and guardian of humanity.
  4. Alina - From Slavic, "bright, beautiful," reflects a radiant and attractive personality.
  5. Anastasia - From Greek, "resurrection, 'she who will rise again,'" symbolizes renewal and rebirth.
  6. Aolani - From Hawaiian, "heavenly cloud," evokes a sense of ethereal beauty and transcendence.
  7. Aria - From Italian, "air, song or melody," represents harmony and the beauty of music.
  8. Aurora - From Latin, "dawn, goddess of the morning," signifies new beginnings and hope.
  9. Beatrice - From Latin, "bringer of joy," embodies happiness and the ability to brighten others' lives.
  10. Belle - From French, "beautiful, fair," reflects physical beauty and fairness.
  11. Bianca - From Italian, "white, pure," symbolizes purity and innocence.
  12. Brielle - From French, "God is my strength," signifies reliance on divine power and strength.
  13. Calista - From Greek, "most beautiful," represents the peak of beauty and grace.
  14. Cameron - From Scottish, "bent nose or crooked river," evokes uniqueness and a path less traveled.
  15. Cordelia - From Celtic, "daughter of the sea," embodies the mystery and depth of the ocean.
  16. Cosette - From French, "victorious people," represents triumph and the spirit of a winner.
  17. Elara - From Greek, "the glistening one," reflects brilliance and a shining presence.
  18. Eleanor - From Greek, "shining light, or the bright one," symbolizes a beacon of hope and guidance.
  19. Eliana - From Hebrew, "my God has answered," signifies faith and the fulfillment of prayers.
  20. Elodie - From French, "foreign riches," embodies wealth from distant lands and the allure of the exotic.
  21. Eloise - From French, "healthy or wide," represents robust health and expansiveness.
  22. Emerald - From English, "bright green," symbolizes the vibrant life and the richness of nature.
  23. Esmeralda - From Spanish, "emerald," signifies the preciousness and beauty of a valuable gem.
  24. Evangeline - From Greek, "messenger of good news," embodies the bearer of positive and uplifting news.
  25. Felicity - From Latin, "happiness, good fortune," represents joy and the serendipity of life.
  26. Gabriella - From Hebrew, "God is my strength," signifies divine support and spiritual fortitude.
  27. Gemma - From Italian, "gem or jewel," embodies the rarity and preciousness of a cherished person.
  28. Genevieve - From Germanic, "tribe woman," represents community and the strength of collective identity.
  29. Giselle - From German, "pledge," symbolizes a promise and a commitment to a cause or person.
  30. Guinevere - From Welsh, "white or fair," evokes purity and the mythic qualities of a legendary queen.
  31. Harper - From English, "harp player or storyteller," represents the artistry and storytelling tradition.
  32. Iliana - From Greek, "bright, sun," symbolizes warmth, energy, and the source of life.
  33. Isadora - From Greek, "gift of Isis," embodies the blessings and protection of the divine mother.
  34. Isolde - From German, "fair, beautiful," reflects physical attractiveness and fairness.
  35. Jasmine - From Persian, "jasmine flower," symbolizes sweet scent and the beauty of nature.
  36. Juliana - From Latin, "youthful," represents the qualities of youth such as energy and optimism.
  37. Kathleen - From Irish, "pure," embodies innocence and unspoiled beauty.
  38. Kiera - From Irish, "dark haired or black," evokes the mystery and depth associated with darkness.
  39. Larissa - From Greek, "citadel," symbolizes strength, protection, and a safe haven.
  40. Leighton - From English, "from the town by the meadow," represents pastoral beauty and tranquility.
  41. Liliana - From Latin, "lily," embodies purity, beauty, and innocence, symbolized by the flower.
  42. Lucinda - From Latin, "light," signifies brightness, clarity, and inspiration.
  43. Lydia - From Greek, "noble one," represents aristocracy, honor, and a distinguished character.
  44. Madelaine - From French, "from the high tower," evokes a sense of perspective and elevation.
  45. Mariana - From Latin, "of the sea," embodies the vastness and mystery of the ocean.
  46. Mirabelle - From Latin, "of incredible beauty," represents the pinnacle of attractiveness and allure.
  47. Miranda - From Latin, "worthy of admiration," symbolizes respect, esteem, and admiration.
  48. Natalia - From Latin, "born on Christmas Day," signifies joy, celebration, and spiritual significance.
  49. Odette - From French, "wealth or fortune," embodies prosperity, luck, and the accumulation of riches.
  50. Olympia - From Greek, "from Mount Olympus," represents divine qualities and the abode of the gods.
  51. Ophelia - From Greek, "helper," symbolizes assistance, support, and the act of aiding others.
  52. Philippa - From Greek, "lover of horses," embodies passion for nature and the strength of horses.
  53. Polina - From Russian, "small," represents delicacy, modesty, and the charm of the understated.
  54. Rosalind - From German, "tender horse," symbolizes gentleness combined with strength and freedom.
  55. Rosamund - From German, "horse protector," represents guardianship and the protective instinct.
  56. Seraphina - From Hebrew, "burning fire," embodies passion, energy, and transformative power.
  57. Skylar - From Dutch, "scholar, shelter," represents knowledge and a refuge or sanctuary.
  58. Sofia - From Greek, "wisdom, skill," symbolizes intelligence, knowledge, and adeptness.
  59. Talitha - From Aramaic, "little girl," embodies innocence, youth, and the beginnings of life's journey.
  60. Tatiana - From Latin/Russian, "fairy queen," evokes enchantment, leadership, and the mystique of the fae.
  61. Theodora - From Greek, "gift of God," signifies divine grace and the blessings bestowed from above.
  62. Valentina - From Latin, "strong or strength," embodies resilience, power, and inner fortitude.
  63. Violetta - From Italian, "violet," represents modesty, subtlety, and the delicate beauty of the flower.
  64. Viviana - From Latin, "full of life," symbolizes vitality, energy, and a vibrant spirit.
  65. Wilhelmina - From German, "will, helmet or protection," embodies willpower, protection, and strength.
  66. Xanthe - From Greek, "golden," evokes the radiance and value of gold, symbolizing richness and wealth.
  67. Yasmine - From Persian, "jasmine flower," represents the sweet scent and delicate beauty of the bloom.
  68. Yolanda - From Greek, "violet flower," symbolizes depth, complexity, and the beauty of nature.
  69. Zahara - From Hebrew/Arabic, "brightness, flower," embodies brightness and the blooming of beauty.
  70. Zenaida - From Greek, "of Zeus," signifies divine origin and the power associated with the god.
  71. Zephyra - From Greek, "west wind," evokes the gentle and refreshing qualities of the breeze.
  72. Zinnia - From German, named after Johann Gottfried Zinn, "Zinn's flower," represents growth, endurance, and the vibrant spirit of nature.
  73. Zipporah - From Hebrew, "bird," symbolizes freedom, perspective, and the beauty of flight.
  74. Zora - From Slavic, "aurora," signifies the dawn, new beginnings, and the promise of a new day.
  75. Zuleika - From Arabic, "fair, brilliant beauty," embodies an outstanding and radiant attractiveness.

What Is a Cool Princess Name?

A cool princess name can be inspired by various sources such as nature, mythology, literature, or even modern pop culture. Some examples of cool princess names include Aurora, Zephyra, Valentina, and Evangeline. These names have a certain sense of uniqueness and charm that sets them apart from more traditional princess names like Elizabeth or Victoria.

What Is a Beautiful Princess Name?

A beautiful princess name can also be inspired by various sources and have different meanings. Some examples of beautiful princess names include Arabella, Isabella, Anastasia, and Genevieve. These names exude elegance, grace, and femininity, making them perfect for a princess. They also have historical significance or literary references that add to their beauty and appeal.

What Is the Most Royal Girl Names?

The most royal girl names often have historical significance or have been used by members of noble or royal families. Some examples include Catherine, Victoria, Elizabeth, and Alexandra. These names are timeless and regal, embodying qualities such as strength, grace, and dignity that are often associated with royalty. They also have a sense of tradition and sophistication that adds to their royal appeal!

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