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Updated February 15, 2024

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Girl name origins & meanings

  • Chinese : Beautiful; jade
  • Spanish : Pretty
  • Scandinavian : Lime tree

Boy name origins & meanings

  • Old English : Linden tree
  • German : Mountain of linden trees
  • English : Verbose; waterfall

How Popular Is The Name Lin

Family name origins & meanings

  • Chinese : from a word meaning ‘forest’. Bi Gan was a half-brother to Zhou Xin, the cruel and corrupt last king (1154–1123 bc) of the Shang dynasty. Bi Gan criticized his half-brother’s excesses, and for this he had his belly ripped open and his heart cut out. His wife fled to Chang Forest, where she gave birth to a son. When Zhou Xin was toppled by the new Zhou dynasty, the new Zhou ruler granted the son some land together with the name Lin.
  • Chinese : variant of Lian 1.
  • Scottish and English : perhaps a variant of Lynn.
  • Dutch : probably a variant of Lyn.

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