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How Parents and Babies Can Rest Safe and Sound with pixsee’s Smart Baby Monitor and Camera

How the pixsee smart baby monitor and camera can help babies sleep alone and help new parents with sleep separation anxiety.
pixsee baby sleep monitor
Updated: December 15, 2022

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Becoming a parent is such a challenge in itself. It can be both exciting and overwhelming to welcome a new baby into your life. The good news is, that you’re not alone. Many parents with newborns worry about leaving them alone too long, especially at night. 

There are several things that you can do to make the transition easier to help your baby sleep better alone. Certain baby products are designed to keep a watchful eye on their little ones while they sleep the night away in their crib.

 Luckily, the people at understand that this is a huge life change and it’s normal to need an extra hand.

What Makes the pixsee Smart Baby Monitor So Special?

The is a one-of-a-kind piece of technology. Not only is it a baby monitor, but it takes photos, and even tracks your baby’s facial expressions to keep you aware of how they are doing in their crib or separate room. We are going to break down the features of the pixsee just so you can truly see all that it has to offer.

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Comfort and Safety

The pixsee camera is 1080p FHD. With its 5MP and 6-layer optical lens, all your videos will still be super clear!  This clever camera’s 160° ultrawide view allows you to see the entire room with zero distortion no matter where you set up the camera. Since it’s a smart camera it also has a “Nighthawk NyxelTechnology” 

Midnight check-ins? No problem. With this technology, you can easily check on your little one in the dark. Plus, the will not only let you know when your baby cries but is smart enough to learn your baby’s cries to help you learn their specific needs. To top it off, there is also a 2-way talk so you can hear your baby and they can hear you. You can even talk to each other! 

pixsee video baby monitor baby sleeping

pixsee’s bespoke speaker is ear-friendly and features a dynamic metallic dome for expert audio quality. With digital technology that lets you reduce ambient noise for crystal-clear audio.

Exclusive App

You can download the pixsee app on your smartphone to pair with your camera as well. This keeps you connected even when you aren’t home because you can check in on your baby at any time. Lots of new parents love this feature because it makes them feel closer and more involved with their little ones if they are away or have to go to work.

Smart Capture Technology

pixsee baby in crib

Hiring a photographer to capture precious moments of your baby’s first months isn’t cheap! With the pixsee smart camera, you can capture high-quality and vivid precious memories with minimal effort. 

It has technology that can detect certain facial expressions or interactions to ensure that you can capture the important moments in your baby’s life from reading them their first book to the first time they stand up in their crib! You can play back these video streams to capture the special moments in daily life. 

Plus, you can use these images to create a digital photo album of your baby photos to share with friends and family. Once your little baby has grown up and left the nest you’ll be thrilled to be able to look back on those beautiful days.

Built-In Sleep Training Tools

Not only can you check on your baby at any time, but your pixsee camera will be able to tell you how your baby slept during previous nights. Sleep training is a difficult stage, and it is great having some help. With pixsee, you also have access to video playback and lullabies, and white noise. You can even record messages for your baby to soothe them. 


pixsee uses advanced security and a cryptoprocessor to keep your personal information and files safe from cyber threats. All data is protected with bank-level security for your privacy and peace of mind. 

Easy Setup

Setting up your pixsee smart camera couldn’t be easier. The last thing a sleep-deprived parent is going to want is to have to fuss with a new piece of technology. You set it up where you want it, pair it with the app, and start using it right away.

Separation Anxiety for New Parents and Baby

It’s important to understand what is and why it is entirely normal. As your baby grows, they are more aware of their surroundings. Parents and caregivers (like nannies that your little one may see daily) are who they are used to and can be difficult for them to be away from those people and spend time with someone new. 

This worry that they feel when they are away from you comes from the comfort they experience when they are around you. You are their safety net. Let’s talk about some telltale signs of separation anxiety and how you all can cope.

Signs of Separation Anxiety in Babies 

  • Your baby becomes emotional or upset when they don’t receive your full attention
  • They start crying the moment you are out of sight
  • They wake up more often during the night
  • Your baby cries or becomes upset when held by a stranger

What Causes Parent/Baby Separation Anxiety? 

baby sleep separation

When a baby realizes that there is no longer a part of their parent (that they are their person) it can be overwhelming. You have been their primary source of comfort and care since birth so it is difficult for them to deal with the change of not being with you all day. This happens most commonly between 6 and 8 months old but it can happen at any time. 

This is a huge developmental milestone for your little one and it’s not a bad thing. It shows that they are growing and learning about the world around them.

How can the pixsee camera help?

  • Record yourself singing a lullaby or reading a story so they can hear your voice when you’re not around
  • Use the cry decoder to help you determine why your baby is upset
  • Smart music box – Automatically detects cries and plays soothing music to calm the baby down

How else can you cope with separation anxiety?

  • Spend as much time as you can bonding with your baby when you are together
  • Record voice messages that can be played back for them when you are not together
  • Create a soothing playlist that a caregiver can use to calm them
  • Create a routine around saying goodbye so your baby can get used to it and knows what to expect

New Parent Anxiety and Sleep Strategies 

Not only does your baby go through an adjustment period with separation anxiety, but parents can experience a form of anxiety as well. As a new parent, you are learning how to love and care for a brand-new human being. It may be rewarding and wonderful, but at times it can be scary.

A common source of anxiety for parents is leaving their baby to sleep alone in their crib in their room. This is a normal feeling. However, it is safest for your little one to sleep in a crib and it also allows them to get the best quality of sleep. So, what can you do to put your mind at ease?

Something as simple as a can allow you to check on your baby without disturbing their sleep. The pixsee smart camera is more than just a camera. It has two-way audio so you can hear your little one and they can hear you. 

You have access to everything directly from the companion app on your smartphone. It has temperature and humidity detection so you can be sure that their sleep space is also the ideal temperature for them.  It even has covered face, cry, and area detections that can lessen the what-ifs.

The Takeaway for New Parents

The high-quality and chic pixsee smart camera can be a great addition to your baby gear. Life as a parent is constant with little time for breaks and it can be hard to capture those special moments. With pixsee, it can capture those memories while also allowing you to let out a sigh of relief knowing that your baby is safe and sound. 

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