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Bonding With Your Baby

Do you know the truth and myths about bonding with your bundle of joy? Find out!

Baby Bookworms! 7 Tips for Reading Aloud to Babies & Toddlers

Did you know that reading to your baby can boost his brain power? The American Academy of Pediatrics announced a new policy in June 2014 advising that parents regularly read aloud to kids from infancy through at least age 5 because it stimulates development, supports the parent/child bond, and helps build language, literacy, and social/emotional skills at a critical time in children's lives. Plus, it's just plain fun! read more

Buzzy Bee

Buzzy BeeTime 5 to 10 minutes Materials None Directions Communications can be fun when they are silly. While holding your baby on your lap, move your fingers around in the air and make a buzzing sound. Make thebuzzy bee land on your baby's tummy with a tickle. Repeat for as long as your baby is interested. Extensions read more

Calm Down

Calm DownTime 5 to 10 minutes Materials None Directions To get your child to listen to you, get down on their eye level and speak slowly while making eye contact. Keep what you have to say simple and short. Extensions The next time you are shopping and see a child fussing about something, talk quietly to your child about her behavior. Practice making eye contact with your child by a silly game of staring into each other's eyes. read more

Communicating with Your Baby

Communicating with Your Baby Your infant still cannot communicate through words, but she has other means of letting you know what she thinks, feels, or wants. Crying, of course, still serves your baby well as a means of communicating her needs. By around five months, however, your baby begins to communicate in other nonverbal ways. She also increasingly uses facial expressions and gestures to get her message across. read more

Dads and Paternity Leave

Dads and Paternity LeaveCurrent data on paternity leave shows that despite the enactment of federal and state laws allowing men to take unpaid parental leave, few actually do. It's not a sign that dads care more about their jobs than their kids. For the 50 percent of workers covered under these laws, most simply can't afford to take that amount of unpaid time off from work. The other 50 percent of employees aren't even covered under these laws, and therefore have no rights to paternal leave. read more

Early Conversations

Early ConversationsTime 5 to 10 minutes Materials None Directions Babies are fascinated with faces and voices, and your first communications are through the sounds you make and the nearness of your face. It doesn't matter what you say, as long as you are up close and personal, so chatter away Extensions read more

From Burp Cloth to Briefcase: 12 Tips for New Moms Returning to Work

Returning to work after maternity leave can be difficult for new moms. The stress of leaving your baby, coupled with feelings of guilt and personal expectations, can all add up, leaving you feeling sad, anxious, and stressed. Use these tips to help manage your new work schedule, and find that balance between a satisfying career and a fulfilling home life. read more

Realizing You're a Dad

Realizing You're a Dad When should it hit you that you're a dad? For some new fathers it is while they are still expecting the baby. For others, it happens quickly once the baby is born or when they first hold the baby. But sometimes it doesn't happen until later, and that's okay too. read more

Teaching Your Baby to Speak

Teaching Your Baby to Speak Q-tip The social months from about five months old until stranger anxiety grows toward the end of the year are a great time to introduce your baby to different people: not just grownups, but other children as well. Take your baby out for visits and playdates, or invite people into your home. Before long, you may even be able to teach her to wave bye-bye. read more

The Benefits of Talking to Your Baby

The Benefits of Talking to Your Baby Your baby learns language by listening to you and others use it. Though your baby certainly doesn't understand everything you say, she no doubt picks up glimmers of meaning here and there. Especially if you speak to your baby a lot, she will understand dozens of words before she utters anything recognizable. read more

The Helpful New Dad: A Checklist by Month

The Helpful New Dad: A Checklist by Month Months One Through Three By the time you get through the first few months, you will likely be a pro at caring for your baby. Changing your baby's diaper and his clothes, feeding him, and keeping him safe will become easier and easier. Reviewing a summary of what you should be doing at this age can still be helpful though. read more

What's Expected of New Dads

What's Expected of New Dads Do you know what to expect from fatherhood? Are you planning to go about your regular routines and maybe just change a few diapers now and then? If you don't expect or plan to make more time to be with your family and your new baby, then you aren't going to be a very helpful father. read more