The Ultimate Pre-Baby Bucket List

Updated: November 11, 2020
Once your tiny human arrives, finding time for yourself (and your partner) will be incredibly hard. Work these bucket list items in before baby arrives!
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There’s a long to-do list of things to accomplish before your baby arrives! From creating the perfect nursery to packing a birth bag to taking childbirth education courses, you can get caught up in all the “must-haves” and forget about indulging in yourself! 

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Once your tiny human arrives, finding time for yourself (and your partner) will be incredibly hard! Taking care of yourself is hard when you’re not pregnant, but it’s crucial when you are pregnant. We’ve put together a list of things to help you relax and find the joys in preparing for your little one

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Traveling with a tiny human isn’t impossible, but it sure is more complicated! Taking one last trip while you’re pregnant is the perfect way to celebrate the upcoming season of life! Be sure to check current travel recommendations and travel bans for things like Zika so you know where to avoid.

Purge the House

Pregnant couple cleaning for pre-baby bucket list

Getting rid of things in your home is a great way to make room for baby. This also includes completing any unfinished home-reno projects that may have taken a back seat. Before baby gets here, you’re going to want to make sure the basement is cleaned out and those shelves in the garage finally get hung up. 


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Here’s one that can go unsaid, but most of the time is forgotten. Sleep is going to be a thing of the past once your baby is here and we want you to catch up on all the ZZZ’s you can now. Take advantage of the quiet house and forget to set an alarm!  

Date Night

Pregnant couple on a dinner date for pre-baby bucket list

We recommend regularly scheduled date nights leading up to the birth of your baby. While these date nights don’t have to stop when your baby arrives, the first few weeks following your birth experience will be filled with learning this new human and learning to adjust to your new life. 

Boudoir Photoshoot

Pregnant lady doing boudoir shoot for pre-baby bucket list

This is a fun one! Do it alone or with your partner—it doesn’t matter, but these will be pictures you cherish forever. Celebrating your changing body and capturing your pre-baby relationship is so special and timeless. While they might not be a coffee table staple, they sure are fun to keep on your nightstand for a frisky Friday evening. 

Upgrade your Car

Pregnant couple upgrading car for pre-baby bucket list

When thinking about adding a family member to your home, consider upgrading your car to one that is not only safe and convenient but also allows your family to grow even more. If you’re going to buy a new car, keep in mind future children and how many car seats can comfortably fit.  You also want to make sure the car has all the bells and whistles to make parent life easier like a hands-free trunk and XM radio to blast all the baby tunes!

Start a “Rainy Day” Fund

Pregnant couple saving money in piggy bank for pre-baby bucket list

Babies are expensive, no doubt, so starting a rainy day fund now is a great idea! If you reach the end of the year and still have money in your rainy-day fund, consider using that money to take the family on a fun vacation or investing it into a college fund for your child. 

Join The Birth Lounge

Pregnant couple using The Birth Lounge for pre-baby bucket list

The Birth Lounge streamlines preparing for a baby and brings childbirth education right to your fingertips! With a handy app and an online lounge, The Birth Lounge is the best way to plan for your birth. It steps you through knowing what to expect in labor, packing your birth bag, creating a birth plan, and preparing for postpartum life including feeding your tiny human and understanding how to support your newborn’s development! Save $5/month with this link.

Have Sex

Pregnant couple being intimate using pre-baby bucket list

So many couples report that they miss the time they used to have with their partner pre-baby. Some folks schedule sex once baby arrives, and some folks leave it up to spontaneity. Either way, the weeks following your little one’s birth, you will not be having much vaginal intercourse as your body heals. 

Exchange Gifts with your Partner

Pregnant couple being sharing gifts for pre-baby bucket list

This is one of the most fun things you can do before the birth of your baby. Much like the tradition of giving one another wedding day presents, giving “birth presents” can be a great way to show your appreciation for your partner and the journey of parenthood you are about to embark on! When thinking of “birth presents,” consider giving a gift that is timeless and a keepsake—one in which you can look back on for many years and remember this very special and transitional time in your life and relationship.   

For the record: You don’t have to do it all before the baby comes! Completing a pre-baby bucket list may be your jam, but if it’s not let go of the perceived guilt and sit back & relax.

Don’t forget to have fun with this process! Preparing for this big life transition can sometimes seem daunting and add stress, but that’s the opposite of the goal! We want you to relish in the fact that a tiny life is growing inside of you and your world is about to be changed in massive ways for the better!