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Talking About Sex

Feeling a little tongue-tied broaching the subject of sex with your teen? Learn how to get your conversation off the ground.

Comprehensive Sex Education

Comprehensive Sex EducationA Multi-Targeted Approach By its very nature, sex education is an emotional subject. Infuse it with politics and cultural values, and you get a sense of what schools face in defining their role in an increasingly high-stakes undertaking. Recent federal funding for abstinence-only education has many communities questioning whether students are being short-changed on information that could literally save their lives. read more

Is It Enough to Abstain?

Is It Enough to Abstain? Sex Ed in Schools Does sex education belong in public schools? Yes, say 90 percent of parents around the country. But that doesn't indicate parental consensus on what sex education means. Should it be health-and-safety oriented? Informed by moral principles? Focused on contraception or celibacy? School boards everywhere are wrestling with different perspectives on a very touchy subject. This article explores the "abstinence only" approach. read more

Let's Talk About Sex

Let's Talk About Sex Do We Have to Talk? Even though studies show that 80 percent of parents feel responsible for their kids' sexual education, few actually sit down and talk about it. One study reveals that 19 percent of kids get information about sex from their parents, while 81 percent are educated by their friends! With stats like these, it's no wonder that teens suffer from so many misconceptions about more

Mother Finds Sexual Notes to Daughter

Our expert suggests ways a mother can help a child deal with unwanted sexual more

Nine-Year-Old Propositions Boyfriend

How should a mother handle it when her nine-year-old daughter writes a note to her boyfriend saying she wants have sex with him?read more

Seven-Year-Old Asking About Sex

When a seven-year-old starts asking questions about sex, don't rush into telling her more

Sex Education: What Should You Say?

Sex Education: What Should You Say? Tales from the Parent Zone Jason was observed blinking frequently, staring obsessively at his hands, popping breath mints, and applying zit medication every few hours. Finally he confessed to his parents. He had been doing “it” and he'd heard through the grapevine that “it” would give you hairy palms, make you go blind, cause bad breath, weaken the blood, and cause more

Son Won't Listen to Sex Advice

Sex is probably the last thing your 13-year-old son wants to talk about with his parents!read more

Starting Difficult Conversation with Teens

Starting Difficult Conversation with TeensHaving trouble talking about the delicate subjects in your teen's life? Don't start a conversation you can't finish. Get the facts you need to talk honestly with your kids.Forty percent of high-school seniors have tried marijuana. Be clear with your teen about the drug and its risks.Lots of kids have same-sex crushes. Explain to your teen that this isn't more

Talk About Tough Subjects

Talk About Tough SubjectsBack when our children were small, who could have imagined what life would hold for them: pressures surrounding sex, alcohol, drugs, and a bewildering array of messages, choices, and consequences. While it's a rare parent who doesn't want to say, "Let me help you sort things out," we also recognize that our children's need for independence grows as they do. And talking about touchy subjects can be especially difficult when teens tend to tune us out. Create Time to Talkread more

Talking About Sex

Talking About Sex Talking About the Birds and Bees What do you do when your youngster asks, "Where do babies come from?" Whether your child's in preschool or elementary school, we've got sound advice on how to talk about sex. Just click on your child's age group: For Ages: 4 to 7 The Scene You and your five-year-old son are grabbing a quick bite for dinner at the local eatery. Suddenly, he asks -- in a clear, loud voice -- "How did I get inside you, Mommy? Did you swallow a seed?" You start choking on your tuna more

Talking to Teens About Sex and Substance Abuse

Talking to Teens About Sex and Substance Abuse Even before young people begin talking about dating or who is “seeing” whom, it’s time to bring up the subject of sex. Don’t wait for an opening or the right time. Just do it. The way you address the topic with boys and with girls will differ, but the basic message is the same. Sex is a very serious matter and can have profound, life-altering more

Teaching Where Babies Come From

There are many different "childhood expert" suggestions for how to talk to your children about childbirth, sex, and more

Teen Is Reading Porn

Parents wonder what to do about their 15-year-old son, who has been reading pornography and exploring adult more

Thirteen-Year-Old Is Having Sex with Older Men

A 13-year-old asks what she should do to help her friend, who is having sex with older more

What Parents Must Teach Their Children

What Parents Must Teach Their Children When children are very young, the role of teacher can be most frustrating. Getting a child to sit still long enough for a reasoned lecture or lesson is almost impossible—especially when the child is only newly acquainted with language and the subject of the lesson involves the word “no”! Spanking gets your child's attention—but only for about two more

What to Tell Your Teen About Sex

What to Tell Your Teen About Sex Info Flash 53 percent of high school students say they've had sex. This means that your teen may have sex, regardless of the values you've conveyed. It is vital to talk to your teen about safe more

Your Teen Daughter: What About S-E-X?

Your Teen Daughter: What About S-E-X? Mom, you cannot afford to ignore your role in educating your daughter about sex. Psychologist and author Dr. Nathalie Bartle (Venus in Blue Jeans: Why Mothers and Daughters Need to Talk About Sex [Dell, 1999]) found in her study that adolescent girls have more questions than they admit about the subject of more