• Teen Cell Phone Use
    Teen Texting and Driving: A Modern Day Hazard
    Teen Texting and Driving: A Modern Day Hazard In this digital age, it's easier than ever to stay in touch, but the convenience of technology means more dangers behind the wheel. You've probably seen it before - a person behind the wheel of a movi...
    Lindsay Hutton
  • Teens
    Setting Rules for Teens
    What Would You Do If...?
    Setting family rules with teens isn't easy. Take this quiz and compare your answers to the experts' suggestions! ...
  • Parenting Tools Printables
    Teen Room Questionnaire
    Use this questionnaire to determine whether your teen's room needs a makeover. ...
  • Health and Safety Printables
    "Teen Safe House" Agreement
    Use this agreement to make a contract with your teen to keep teen get-togethers safe. ...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Spring Break
    10 "Must Discuss" Items Before Your Teen Heads Off on Spring Break
    10 "Must Discuss" Items Before Your Teen Heads Off on Spring Break by Maya CohenSpring break is no longer just for college students. This annual ritual has trickled down to high-schoolers, many of whom are now attending parties and vacations with...
  • Teens
    Setting Rules for Teens
    Teens and Partying
    Teens and Partying You can already guess the drawbacks of entertaining teenagers in your own home (fingerprints all over the walls, no food left in the refrigerator, and so on), but there are some definite advantages. To begin, if they're at you...
  • Kids
    Family Rules
    Defining the Family Rules
    Defining the Family Rules How are your family's values put into action? Through personal limits and through family rules. Family rules define what is and isn't allowed in your family. They apply to everybody. (Waiting for something that says onl...
  • Kids
    Setting Limits
    Setting Limits and Staying Sane
    Setting Limits and Staying SaneToo Strict or Too Lenient? Here's a surefire recipe for conflict: Mix together one parent (whose job is to make rules) and one child (whose job is to question rules). The resulting power struggle can turn a happy h...
    Laura L. Meehan
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Internet Safety
    Setting Internet Rules
    Once the Internet rules have been laid out and violated, parents need to follow through on the consequences that they set up for their children. ...
  • Teens
    Teen Partying
    Drinking Parties Hosted by Friends' Parents
    An expert calls it "shameful" when parents not only tolerate but also encourage teens' abuse of alcohol. ...
  • Teens
    Setting Rules for Teens
    Daughter Is Getting Too Close to Youth Pastor
    Parent is worried about the Youth Pastor's inappropriate relationship with her daughter. ...
  • Teens
    What's a Fair Curfew for Teenagers?
    An expert advises a parent to give her children the responsibility and trust that being 15 and 17 should command. ...