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    Entertainment and Activities
    7 Fantastic Books to Teach Your Kids About Diversity
    Reading books is one of the best ways to teach your children about diversity. Whether the stories include imagery of real people or use objects as a metaphor, these books are great stepping stones for starting conversations on a variety of topics...
    Bev Feldman
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    Interacting With People
    Dealing with the Visually Impaired
    Dealing with the Visually Impaired In general, guide dogs are working animals, not pets. So don't pet them. In fact, don't call their names or distract them in any way. Allow the dogs to accompany their owners into all stores and buildings. Thes...
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    Interacting With People
    Dealing with the Disabled
    Dealing with the Disabled Here are 10 practical tips that will help you avoid feeling socially disabled when dealing with the disabled: Mind Your P's and Q's Remember, everything is relative: Some disabled writers have referred to nondisabled p...
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    Interacting With People
    Gracious Greetings Between Cultures
    Gracious Greetings Between Cultures When greeting someone, an American's first instinct is to stick out his or her hand, look directly at the other person, and smile. In some situations, this habit can mean making three mistakes at once. And th...
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    Diversity Awareness
    Kids and Diversity
    Kids and DiversityA lack of understanding about each other's differences can lead to intolerance, suspicion, and even violence. Take your family on a culture cruise with these ideas, expert opinions, and activities.1. Kids can't relate to others ...
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    Diversity Awareness
    Racial Issues
    It's understandable that a child might feel uncomfortable to be the only person in the classroom of a particular race. ...
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    Media Literacy
    Why Is TV So Segregated?
    Why Is TV So Segregated?Noticing the Difference "Why is TV so segregated?" A 16-year-old white high-school student asked this very question after a talk I gave recently on multiculturalism in American society. She pointed out that most black sitc...
    Alvin Poussaint, M.D.
  • Family Life
    Interracial Families
    Inventing Identities: Raising Multicultural Kids
    Inventing Identities: Raising Multicultural Kids Thirteen-year-old Paul Yem picked up his pencil but didn't know what to write down on the form he was handed in health class. "It asked, 'What nationality are you?'" he recalls. "I put down 'Asian...
    Katy Abel
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    Preteen and Tween Behavior
    How to Open Your Preteen's Mind
    How to Open Your Preteen's MindBrought to you by the American School Counselor Association For preteens who are struggling to "fit in," diversity and tolerance can seem like foreign concepts. Kids this age often obsess about having the right hair...
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    Raising Children Free of Prejudice
    Raising our children and understanding racial diversity in our society can't be seen as separate tasks -- they're both part of our job as good parents. So how do we go about it? Our children learn their attitudes from us -- the adults around the...
    Alvin Poussaint, M.D. and Susan Linn, Ed.D.
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    Teen Telling Racist Jokes
    Racist jokes are not innocent and harmless. ...
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    Diversity Awareness
    Promoting Diversity
    Help your child embrace other cultures and backgrounds. ...
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    Creating Tolerance in the Classroom
    What can be done when homophobic slurs become commonplace in the classroom? ...