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Disciplining Teens

What's gotten into your teen? Find effective ways to discipline your rebellious child.

Belly Button Piercing

A 13-year-old wants to get a belly button piercing, but you can say "no" to a tween without having reasons to back you up. read more

Communicating With Teens: All It Takes Is Three Magic Words

Communicating with teens can be tough, but these three magic words --what's your plan -- may fix your relationship for good. Teenagers are old enough to know what they have to do and they may be together enough to have some idea of how to tackle it. And if they don't, well, asking them about their plan is a good reminder to formulate one! read more

Daughter Is a "Slob"

A desperate mother complains that her daughter is turning the house into a garbage dump. read more

Discipline for Teens: 5 Teachable Moments for Tweens and Teens

Discipline for teens can sound daunting. There are no longer stints in the time-out chair when your child is now probably taller than you are! Battles over eating mashed peas have morphed into more adult issues. So how do you handle these topics while helping your kid learn a valuable lesson and keep communication lines open all at once? Here's the lowdown. read more

Disciplining an 18-Year-Old Girl

Does a parent need to develop detailed binding contracts when a child turns 18? read more

Do You Know How to Keep Your Teenager Safe?

Do you know what to do to keep your teenager safe? The answers to this quiz may surprise you. read more

Handling a Disrespectful Teenager

Many approaches can work with a teen who's out of control, but they all take time -- so you have to be in this for the long haul. read more

Listening to Offensive Music

Should a mother give in and let her child have access to what she feels is inappropriate music for him? read more

Punishing and Grounding Your Teen Daughter

Punishing and Grounding Your Teen Daughter You probably won't know it by looking at her, but your daughter is afraid of confrontation and punishment. Nonetheless, there are times when her misbehavior must be accounted for and punishment must be meted out with the same good rationale demonstrated by authoritative parental models. Rules of Punishment read more

Seventeen-Year-Old Is in Trouble with the Law

When a teen runs afoul of the law, it's important to let him know that you will support him in all except behavior that endangers him or the family. read more

Seventh-Grader with a Bad Attitude

A seventh-grader who has already been suspended several times, and is showing such a temper, is in desperate need of some tough love. read more

Should Teen Be Grounded for Lying to Parents?

Grounding, no matter how long, is usually not very effective and is sometimes very hard to enforce. read more

Son Loses Car When Grades Fall

Our expert advises parents not to use the car as punishment. read more

Strict or Softy? Discipline Style Quiz

Are you a good-natured governor? Or a militant monarch? Discover your discipline style and get some tips when you take this quiz. read more

Teen Angry That Unsupervised Homes Are Off-Limits

Parenting isn't a popularity contest and we should expect some disagreement, anger, and resentment from our maturing, independent-minded teens. read more

Teen Fired from Job

A parent wonders whether her son should receive additional punishment at home for a major mistake that cost him his job. read more

Teen Struggles with Authority

Boot camps and military schools would only make the situation worse and do nothing to address the core issue. read more

Teenage Daughter Terrorizes Household

Parents often require help in setting boundaries and consequences for out-of-control children. read more

What's Your Discipline Style?

Are you too tough or too easy on your child? Take our quiz and find out your discipline style. read more

Willful 13-Year-Old

Just because your situation has all the components of healthy parent-teen conflict doesn't mean it's not troublesome, both for you and your son. read more

Your Teen Daughter: Is More Discipline the Answer?

Your Teen Daughter: Is More Discipline the Answer? It is true that children of all ages need some parental control and discipline. The quality just may be more important than the quantity. Learn to use authoritative, not authoritarian, control over your adolescent daughter. The authoritarian parent may be less tired at day's end but the final result won't be nearly as good. read more