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    Dating Violence
    Talking About Date Rape
    Talking About Date RapeSpotting a Predator Did you know that somewhere in America a woman is raped every two minutes?* If you've ever waited anxiously for your daughter to come home from a night out, now you can find out how to teach her to prot...
    Kyanna Sutton
  • Teens
    Dating Violence
    Talking to Our Sons about Sex and Limits
    Talking to Our Sons about Sex and LimitsIt's difficult enough to talk about sex with our kids, so it may add to your discomfort when I say that you need to talk to them about date rape too. Boys need to know when sex is consensual and when it's n...
    Carleton Kendrick
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    Physical and Sexual Abuse
    Daughter in Abusive Relationship
    A mother asks what she can do to help her pregnant 18-year-old daughter, who is embroiled in a bad relationship. ...