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Valentine's Day Basket of Love

Valentine's Day Basket of Love

Puffy dough is a versatile craft medium. You can mold it into various shapes or roll it out and cut it into shapes with cookie cutters. The shapes will harden when baked to form permanent objects that can be painted. You might want to try your hand at making this unique basket out of cut-out hearts.


Getting Ready for Your Adopted Child

Getting Ready for Your Adopted Child

Once it begins to sink in that you will actually be bringing a new person into your home and family, you'll start to think about just how much there is to do to prepare for him or her. I'll walk you through some of the physical and emotional preparations you'll need to make.

Updated: April 7, 2022

My Teenager Sleeps All Day: Is It Normal?

Teens and Sleep

At a lot of high schools, classes begin around 7:30 in the morning. Your teen may complain that that’s too early, and that this schedule keeps them from getting enough sleep.

Guess what? Sleep experts agree.

Although teens need the same amount of sleep as the rest of us, at some point during adolescence the circadian rhythm changes. As a result, the ideal teen sleep cycle looks a bit different than that of younger children, or even of adults.

by: Cara J. Stevens

Potty Training Tips for When Your Kid Won't Go

toddler potty training

Editor’s Note: We know raising kids can be hard. That’s why we’re dedicated to making your life easier with the latest and greatest parenting advice and products. We wanted to let you know that if you chose to purchase one of the items featured in this post, we may receive a small commission for it.

Updated: February 12, 2020

5 Thanksgiving Dinner Table Topics That Don't Involve Politics, Religion, Or Your Ex

thanksgiving dinner table

We all know we should stay away from controversial topics at the dinner table, especially during the holidays. (Many of us learned that lesson during the election.) But, somehow they always work their way into the conversation. There’s always one family member who won’t stop talking about the latest White House memo, or trying to push his own political agenda.

Updated: April 23, 2022

The Top Parenting Podcasts According to Real Parents

The Top Parenting Podcasts According to Real Parents

Podcasts are perfect for so many parents. They are easily incorporated into various lifestyles from commutes, to late-night nursing sessions, to waiting in the pick-up line. These podcasts cover everything from pregnancy, to parenthood, to being the perfect partner. You can find these podcasts on Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes), Stitcher, Spotify, Pandora, Google Podcasts, or whatever your preferred platform may be.

Updated: April 22, 2022

Is It Ever Okay to Leave Your Kids in the Car?

is it okay to leave kid alone in car

There are many things our parents did 30 years ago that would have them reported to the Department of Child and Family Services if they were to do it today. Sometimes I fondly think back to my childhood of freely riding my bicycle in the neighborhood for hours on end or being left home alone at a really young age. As a mom of two young children, I shudder at the thought of my own kids doing some of the things I myself did.

Updated: March 2, 2021

The 8 Backpack Essentials Every Kid Needs This School Year

kids at school wearing backpacks

There is a buzz in the air as the anticipation of a new school year draws closer. A clean slate and the promise of new beginnings mingling with the excitement of gathering with friends and sharing stories of the summer. A great way to foster this excitement and get your children set up for success are with these 8 backpack essentials.

Backpack Essentials

collage of backpack essentials

Can Stress Affect Your Pregnancy?

Can Stress Affect Pregnancy

Stress is a part of life—it has weaseled its way into your schedule before your pregnancy, and it will continue to accompany you throughout your pregnancy. Even when you're pregnant there will still be traffic jams that make you late, inconsiderate and pushy people who drive you nuts, deadlines to meet and arguments with friends and co-workers.

In these kinds of situations, stress will not harm your baby.

Updated: March 5, 2021

The Ultimate List of International Women's Day Activities to Do With Kids

International Women's Day

Editor’s Note: We know raising kids can be hard. That’s why we’re dedicated to making your life easier with the latest and greatest parenting advice and products. We wanted to let you know that if you chose to purchase one of the items featured in this post, we may receive a small commission for it.

This is your ultimate guide to celebrating International Women’s Day with kids. We’ve got everything from themed food to activities, books, TV shows, movies, and online resources.

Nursing Your Older Baby and Weaning

Nursing Your Older Baby and Weaning

For many women, weaning their breastfed infant represents the first among a host of developmental transitions that characterize childhood. The long journey involved in transforming a totally dependent newborn into a fully responsible, contributing adult is charted by a progressive series of transitional milestones, including weaning, becoming toilet-trained, starting kindergarten, entering puberty, or going off to college.

In this article, you will find:

Side-Effects of Pregnancy

Common Pregnancy Side-Effects

Side-Effects of Pregnancy

Momma Said There'd Be Days Like This

During my first pregnancy certain odors were triggers for potential barfing. For example, I love to cook with sesame oil but could not be in the room with it while I was pregnant with my oldest daughter. Instead, I pretty much lived on bland soda crackers—they're all I could keep down.


Succeeding at Standardized Tests

Succeeding at Standardized Tests

Parents: Do Your Homework
Standardized testing -- two simple words that often strike fear for children, teachers, and parents alike. Many states use proficiency testing as a way to assess children and evaluate teachers. In some states, a low score on a proficiency exam is grounds for holding your child back. Whatever the policies are in your state, your job is to prepare your young learner for the testing challenge.

Updated: March 11, 2022

The Best Postpartum Workouts for New Moms

Postpartum Exercise

After giving birth, many new moms want to get back to working out as quickly as possible to lose the baby weight. But you don’t want to rush into exercise after pregnancy because you could end up doing more harm than good. You not only have a little one to take care of now, but you also want to give your body time to heal. Any postpartum workout for a new mother should be doctor approved since every woman is going to be different post-pregnancy.