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  • Friday exhale

    Is it just me, or has this been a long week? Back-to-school is hard, and it's hard on everyone. There were times this summer when I felt restless-... read more

  • L.'s top 6

    We're embarking upon a big week this week--the first full week of school for the kids. Already we've had two positive e-mails from L.'s sc... read more

  • Mean girls, the sequel

    As I mentioned in Friday's post, I chaperoned a first grade field trip to the North Carolina zoo at the end of last week. When I walked T. into th... read more

  • The vision in the box

    I've been thinking lately about two students: both are bright and capable. Both come from disadvantaged backgrounds. One, Student A, spent four ye... read more

  • Achilles heel

    It's EOG (end-of-grade-testing) week for L. this week, and next week, too. The fun starts Thursday, with the EOG in science, and Monday, Tuesday, ... read more

  • Step one

    As part of our vamped up action plan for helping L. out of this terrible downward spiral he's been in so far this fall, we've enrolled him in a tutori... read more

  • Duty redux

    I hope you are all enjoying a fabulous Memorial Day weekend. I'm going to spend part of mine cooking for the annual pool potluck in our neighborhood. ... read more

  • The tales they tell

    I have a post I've been wanting to put up for a couple of weeks now, all about our Christmas ornaments--the ones that are extra special, for various e... read more

  • H1N1-101

    Because I don’t have enough to worry about these days lately, I’ve been (finally) pretty worried about the swine flu. I haven’t thought about it too ... read more

  • Duty

    I hope your Memorial Day was a little sunnier than ours. We did get lucky in the end, though. After hours of on again and off again sunshine, the rain... read more

  • Lessons to play by

    Yesterday afternoon I ate lunch with L. and then stood on the blacktop watching the kids race around the play structure, all of them engaged in variou... read more

  • Growing up is good to do

    On Saturday afternoon, T. and I had a mother-daughter outing together, along with T.'s BFF (best friend forever) J., and J.'s mom (do you have al... read more