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Locker Decor Ideas: Expert Locker Decoration Tips for Middle School & High School

Find creative locker decor ideas for middle school and high school, plus our best locker decorating tips for trendy teens!
Locker Decor Ideas
Updated: August 1, 2023
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For generations, teens all over the world have decorated their school lockers. Sure, lockers are very thin, but look at it this way: your tween/teens get their very own personal space at school that they can use for storage—and Be-Dazzle! (Am I showing my age using that expression?! It means to DIY something with lots of bling!)

From the POV of teens, chatting in front of your uniquely decorated locker and chatting away with your besties is a crucial social aspect of middle school and high school. There are so many different locker aesthetics to try out with cool locker accessories. And for parents, helping your teen select locker accessories is a lot of fun. 

Decorating your locker is a great way for tweens and teens to showcase their personalities and interests. How your locker looks is another form of self-expression. Here’s our list of locker decor ideas for middle school and high school students--with some feedback and advice from student influencers.

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Why decorate your locker?

These moments provide opportunities for creativity and self-expression which are critical aspects to the development of a positive school culture.” Think of a school locker as a blank canvas. You can change its look and decorate it in various ways. 

University of California at Berkeley college student and social media influencer Clarissa Saldana said students were ‘absolutely’ allowed to decorate their lockers at Trabuco Hills High School in Mission Viejo, CA. Some students’ lockers were inside, and some were outside. 

“It was a MUST to decorate your locker,” she recalls. “I think decorating lockers for holidays, and when starting high school, just feels like a vital checkpoint in growing up. My older sister decorated her locker and it just made me feel so mature when I got to do it too.”

Locker decor inspiration for friends, athletes, and birthdays  

Many schools have traditions where students decorate the lockers of athletes before a big game in support. The players really appreciate the extra effort, and it’s a great show of school spirit!  

Decorating other people’s lockers is also a great way for teens to celebrate their friendships on birthdays and holidays. Saldana remembers in high school decorating the outside of friends’ lockers on their birthdays by making the locker itself look like a wrapped birthday present with colorful wrapping paper and bows.

If your teen wants you to drive them to school (very) early one day to decorate a friend’s locker for their birthday, parents--get in that car! It’s such a kind gesture for teen friends to do for each other. 

 “Decorating a locker may feel archaic, but it can represent so much more than a ‘right of passage’ for most secondary students,” says Carrie Rose, certified life coach for high school seniors and founder of SunUp Coaching LLC, Decorating. 

“Your locker is an opportunity to represent yourself in a public space, and that is something that will happen in other ways as a grown adult; think your workspace, a business you may own, your social media profile, and more...”

Tips for decorating your school locker 

Rose shares her décor ideas for middle school students, stressing: “Be YOU! The world needs more of you, not you trying to be someone else. Include photos or artwork or ideas that represent your values.”

 Be creative but not offensive with your locker decorations 

If you hang a poster of something that might be controversial, brace yourself. Rose explains: “Make sure that you’re clear that this is what you enjoy or believe, and you aren’t trying to force or convince others to believe the same thing.” And of course, make sure that your values are not at the cost of someone else’s beliefs, race, or background. 

For example,  if you hang a picture of a celebrity in your locker—and that person was publicly accused of sexual assault and abuse—someone at school may strongly disagree with your photo choice, leading to an argument.

From there, it’s up to you to decide your next steps and how to proceed, perhaps converse with a guidance counselor about what to do. So, be mindful of what you hang in your locker where others can see. 

 Hang silly pics to save memories 

“Don’t be afraid to share a silly photo that makes you laugh when you look at it, or even others! This could be a photo of you doing a belly flop, you in a costume, you making a silly face while eating, or a gazillion other things. Make sure you’re ok and confident about what picture you choose.”

Use your locker for mindfulness with smells and happy images

Your locker is a personal and happy place that should bring you peace and calm. If you’re anxious about school, hang a photo of a place that makes you feel more happy – like a tropical vacation spot or even your living room! Most of the school day is inside, but an outdoor landscape can visually take you to a calm, serene, and fun place.”

Choose locker decorations in your favorite colors or add some body mist in your favorite scent. Then when you visit your locker between classes - you can take a mindful deep breath.

Best locker accessories for middle school and high school 

A decorated locker gives you a spot that is truly your own, shows off your individuality, and gives you a place to take a quick break to enjoy your creativity!” They add:  “Remember there is no right or perfect way to decorate, just make your space your own! We used to love decorating our locker, especially in middle school.”

Activists and teen social media personalities Phallon and Kyra Pierce are identical twins in high school, but their lockers are unique! “To decorate your locker you only need a few things to make your locker more functional, fun, and all your own,” say the Pierce twins.

Here are our top locker decor ideas and essential locker decorations to add to your back-to-school list! 

  1. Locker Mirror

Mirror for school locker, purple and blue

First, stick a locker mirror on the inside of your locker, “to smile at your beautiful/handsome face and to make sure you don’t have anything on your face or in your teeth!” 


One to try: This shatterproof, magnetic squiggle-shaped mirror from Svartur retails for less than $10 on Amazon. Measurements: 6.8"L x 5.2"W

This modern locker mirror is a nice change of pace from typical square-shaped mirrors. It’s also holographic!  holographic! If you shift it in certain ways/angles the colors reflecting off the mirror shift colors.

  1. Locker Magnets

small, round magnets with inspiration quotes for school lockers

You certainly don’t need to spend a lot on your locker décor, sometimes easy peasy is best! This magnet collection from Paper Junkie is priced at $11 and comes with 18 different locker magnets in a pack.

Use these whimsy magnets to hang pictures of your friends and fave memes, or that love note from your sweetie. The magnets are decorated with famous and inspirational quotes and are sold only on Target’s website. 

3. Extra-large Locker organizer

extra large locker organizer

A trendy, eye-catching locker organizer can be used to hold your books, instrument, skateboard, pom-poms, extra sneakers, notebooks, hi-tech calculator, iPad, you name it. 

There are numerous locker shelves on the market, but you want the BEST locker organizer to help you stay neat and tidy. We’re crazy about this one (with many pouches) from the brand ABRA, made of sturdy fabric. It’s pricey, but too cute to resist.

  1. Budget-friendly locker organizer

metal shelf for school locker organization

If a simpler locker organizer is more your jam (or your parents’ preference, which is understandable!) this simple but sleek one from LockerMate gets a thumbs-up from us since it’s just under $10 and is simple and practical. 

This elegant locker shelf comes in a striking shade of gold and is 12” tall. Note: It’s also stackable if you want to buy another to create a double shelf! 

  1. Fancy Locker Wallpaper 

magnet wallpaper for inside of school locker

The Pierce twins point out that wallpaper “really helps to brighten up the space,” since the inside of lockers are so blah. 

Easy Home Renewals’ magnetic locker wallpaper comes in a variety of geometric patterns and shades; we liked “Grey Chevron” the best, which, like others on the site, is $50+--but worth it since you can easily remove the wallpaper in the summer and reuse it on a mini-fridge or inside your gym locker. The quality is great and durable AND you can stick things TO the magnetic wallpaper itself, like mirrors and magnets once it’s installed inside your locker.

  1. Magnetic Locker Wallpaper

If you’re seeking a budget-friendly alternative to the previously mentioned locker wallpaper, we’ve got you covered! (Literally!) 

You could technically use ‘real’ wallpaper inside your locker, but chances are that will wrinkle easily in your locker and not stay put. Via Amazon, the brand Hsei sells magnetic wallpaper rolls made specifically for lockers at just under $15 per roll. Available in a variety of striking colors and patterns including Damask and yellow dots. Just cut to fit!

  1. Locker vines, plants and flowers 

fake vines for locker decoration

University of California at Berkeley college student and social media influencer Clarissa Saldana knows that there are many simple ways to “spruce” up your locker without spending a lot of money. 

Nature locker aesthetics like fake flowers and vines are really popular locker decor choices right now on Pinterest. Adding a string of lights or vines across your locker door is “super cute” says Saldana. They’re a simple way to “spruce” up your locker without spending a lot of money. 

These vines are less than $8  on Amazon and can adorn both your bedroom and locker walls.

  1. Chandelier Light for Locker 

plastic chandelier light for locker decoration

Saldana remembers being a lil’ jealous of someone in high school who was clever enough to put an LED chandelier in their locker to give it a little kick. This student’s light accessory was the talk of the town in Saldana’s high school. 

UBrands, an industry leader when it comes to accessories, sells a groovy, 70’s-inspired locker chandelier for just $14.99. With a strong magnetic hold on top,  and an on/off switch you click, to actually work, it needs 3 AA 1.5V batteries, which are not included. Available via Target’s website!

  1. Barbiecore Locker Decor 
    pink barbie-themed locker

You cannot escape Barbie lately. There’s a hit Barbie movie out, a Barbie Café in NYC and Chicago, and pink accessories everywhere you look celebrating the very famous doll who seems to have everything—and be everything. If your tween/teen is loving this resurgence of Barbie popularity, also called “Barbiecore,”

Teens can decorate their locker in shades of hot pink—Barbie’s signature color, of course—or put this mini Barbie locker inside their own to give it some glam! It will make you smile when you spot it in your own locker on the reg. ($10.97) This toy locker is also really whimsical for teens, although not Barbie-themed. 

  1. Locker Accessories Kit

magnetic locker accessory kit

This 6-piece accessories kit, priced at just under $9, hangs in your locker and has everything you need to get through the school day, week, month, and year. The collection includes: 

  • 1 holding bin/cup
  • 2 magnets
  • 1 mirror
  • 1 dry-erase board and dry-erase marker

Everything in the locker kit is magnetic and matches -- and this collection helps you stay organized and neat. It’s the ultimate all-in-one kit. Brought to you by UBrands, an industry leader in home + office accessories, this kit is sold at Target and is high-quality and built to last. It comes in a variety of colors including navy and white.

  1. Mini Locker Carpet

carpet for locker

Saldana remembers having a little locker envy towards a friend who put a mini carpet in her high school locker. This square locker rug comes in a plethora of bright shades and fits nicely at the very bottom of your locker, or lies on top of a locker shelf. 

It adds a bright pop of color to the inside of your locker and is a definite conversation starter! Comes with a special non-skid backing to keep the little rug in place.

This locker carpet on Amazon measures 10” x 10” and retails for $8.99. 

  1. Locker Bulletin Board

small bulletin board for school locker, shaped like a leaf

If there’s one thing parents, know well, it’s that teens love taking pictures with their friends on their phones. Once they’ve mastered the art of actually printing out the photos from their phones, they’ll want to showcase them in their locker. 

This trendy, cool cactus bulletin board, also from UBrands, is THE place for your teen to pin their personal photos with their besties! It sells for under $10 and is made of sturdy cork, but you’ll need to buy sticky or magnetic adhesive to hang it in your locker. 

  1. Dry Erase Board

heart-shaped dry erase board for school locker

Most mini, magnetic dry-erase boards are square-shaped, but this heart-shaped one from Claire’s adds a little extra va-voom to a middle-school locker and retails for just under $9, and comes with a dry-erase marker and two magnets. 

It’s important for your teen to remember locker décor can get expensive, so decorating it with “just the basics” is also perfectly fine—locker decorating can indeed be done on a budget. Sometimes less is more—a bulletin board and/or mirror may be all you need/want.

  1.  Positive Affirmations 

inspiration quote posters for school lockers
It sounds cheesy, but honestly, an amazing quote can really motivate you—at any age. If there’s a quote your teen likes, they should hang it in their locker for daily inspiration. 

This collection of 12 pop-up-art style mini-posters looks great in a locker, and can give your tween/teen the daily boost of confidence they need to get by! Get these positive affirmation locker posters on Amazon for less than $10. 

  1. At-home locker decorations 

decorative red locker for child bedroom

As previously mentioned...not all middle or high school students engage in locker décor or even really use their lockers. And sadly, some schools have completely removed lockers from their premises, which is just tragic! ( us. We love nostalgia.)

 If you’re totally missing school lockers, or never had one of your own and want one (we see you, homeschooled kids) — via the brand mustard you can purchase a sturdy metal locker for your home, available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.

Eye-popping conversation starters, look identical to school lockers and look super cool in your tween’s bedroom. Prices vary based on size, color, and design. And of course, when decorating it—go wild! It’s cute for an office as well.

Are you allowed to decorate your locker at school?

Before your teen starts decorating their space of metal, make sure decorating lockers is permitted by their school.

Truthfully, most middle schools and high schools let students decorate their lockers however they want. In fact, many administrators are completely fine with locker décor. “I’ve worked in a number of schools that created opportunities for students to decorate the inside and outside of their lockers for special days like a birthday or holiday,” says Otto .”

However, as Mark Otto, Head of School Perspective at NYC’s The Lang School,  points out, rules are rules, and students should be mindful when posting anything in their locker that may not reflect the school’s code of conduct—or be deeply offensive. Adds Otto: “It is important for school leaders and faculty to lay out the expectations for decorating lockers and ensuring those expectations are aligned with the school's mission and values. At The Lang School, for example, we expect all students to support a culture of inclusivity and acceptance in all aspects of the school community.”

Do kids even still use lockers? 

Yes, most kids of today only use their lockers sparingly, since books are now online vs. hardcover and heavy, as they were in the early 2000s. This doesn’t mean you still can’t have some fun with your locker.

Make your locker decorations part of your aesthetic 

It’s also just plain exciting to do. “Decorating a locker may feel archaic, but it can represent so much more than a ‘right of passage’ for most secondary students,” says Carrie Rose, certified life coach for high school seniors and founder of SunUp Coaching LLC, Decorating. “Your locker is an opportunity to represent yourself in a public space, and that is something that will happen in other ways as a grown adult; think your workspace, a business you may own, your social media profile, and more...”

However, your teen decorates their locker and reminds them to have fun with it. It’s an extension of their personality and your bedroom. And it’s totally OK to not decorate or just keep it simple. And to any teens reading this: Enjoy the middle school and high school years—they go by way too fast!

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